Tuesday , October 4 2022

We see that the currency has been raised consciously and ibe rising.


Economic writer rahimbrahim Kahveci TV5. Posted in “The economy and its worth” In the program, he noted that the rate of exchange for rapid increase in the past period.

Kahveci recalled that 2 vice presidents and 1 Monetary Policy Committee members were fired when AKP President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with Turkey’s Central Bank President Shahep Kawagulu and said that 2 members had been appointed to vacant positions, and 1 membership was vacant. Was.

“Reuters false news was part of operation”

While insinuating that Central Bank Governor P Ashap Kawasoglu’s position has been strengthened by this acceptance, Kahweisi pointed out that the man who was supposed to replace Kakoglu in a Reuters news agency news release was fired.

Kahveci, who claimed that Kavcıoğlu’s seat was strengthened was misinformation to other writers, “Anyone who uses Reuters, the news that ‘Shaheep Kawagulu leaves’ was actually news that worked to strengthen the seat of hank Kawasoglu. Graffiti’s ‘atrocity began in 1453’ was probably not written by fighters among Swedish police. But what happened? A serious propaganda was made with the article “oppression began in 1453″. like this.” Said.

“Government raises REX exchange rate”

Recalling that the chairman of the central bank dismissed 4 dismissed ERAs in 3 years, before his term expired, Kohosi said such a mistake would not be made inadvertently. “In Turkey, the presidential cabinet, the country’s administration, along with the central bank, is doing something that can raise dollars. Oh, he also turns to citizens, he says nothing but ‘foreign powers’ can use foreign powers to raise exchange rates. The cadres that run the country such as the internal powers that are doing this are to increase the fuel rate. Notice that the currency is gaining some stability, political interference is coming, the currency is being raised. We see that the currency has been raised consciously and ibe rising. he said.

Looking at the Fed’s interest rate decision next week, Kahosi said: “If the central bank reduces interest rates next week, it will now be an official, signed-up document. Said.

Impact on Export

High kResponding to a query that the product has a positive impact on exports, Kahosi said, “It has nothing to do with exports, which increased by 36.9 percent, but 25.6 percent of it was from wool.” We were able to raise about 9 to 9.5% for the products we sell. There is global inflation in this. Imports, on the one hand, increased by 25.5%. But the amount is R4.44%. The cost of imported products, by hand, increased by 20.1%. Our country is in Rio. I said last week? Agricultural country. Captain of Europe and Russia. We have become the countries of the world. We work throat for Lee’s fitness and stomach wellness. Use the sentences

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