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Weekly NFT Review: Here are the highlights of the market!


It’s been a great week at NFTs as Coinbase makes its official start. At the same time, meanwhile, advances in epic games technology and gaming have emerged. Also, ViacomCBS is investigating NFTs for its category of major media brands. In a moment, let’s take a look at the week’s major NFT developments and more. Cem Yılmaz NFTs is being featured a lot on social media this week…

NFT News this week

A great competitor is coming to the OpenSea NFT platform! Coinbase is one of the notable names of crypto and may be giving away NFT exchanges shot on their coins. Earlier in the week, Exchange was announced for “Coinbase NFT”, which challenges OpenSea and Rarible, as well as exchanges or exchanges playing in NFT space such as Gemini and FTX.

Coinbase has opened the waiting list for a new platform and already has over 1 million users who have signed up.

A New Altcoin Coinbase Arrives!  Prices are tough vests

Valve’s gaming platform STEM thanks to Epic Games accepting NFTs

am One of the largest and longest running video game platforms in the industry. Video Game Developer runs the Valve platform, and the recently updated Steam Guide Lines says the platform will no longer support and publish “applications on block chain technology that allow the exchange or exchange of cryptocurrencies or NFTs.”

Valve is the creator of powerful games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but Central is the key to Valve’s ecosystem. While the company has not yet released an official statement on the matter, they believe it is largely concerned with NFTs and crypto’s legal appeal of sports games, and can put Valve’s trade and games Status in the market.

Get out of the scheme in this NFT project!

Meanwhile, Valves’ rival Epic Games, the owner and powerful software games gaming and games such as Unreal Engine, Rocket League, and Fortnite, took a different stand. CEO and founder Tim Sweeney tweeted this week that the company “welcomes players who use blockchain technology,” adding that blockchain technology will naturally bring benefits to the game. Last month, Sweeney said the company was “not doing this to the NFTs,” but Sweeney is likely to see a competitive advantage and wants to keep the crypto door open if the right opportunity arises.

Visa Investments in NFT Artists

Visa Developing is an ‘artist first’ program to empower creatives for NFTs. As we report, Visa formerly sponsored the program for M&A with MLB player Mika Johnson. The new NFT move will focus on content ors consumers and small businesses today.

The program will include consulting services and networking opportunities for a select group of creatives. According to the company head of Crypto Cuy Sheffield, the company views the current NFT environment as “the beginning of digital renaissance in the world of art and content.”


MacDonald’s China celebrates its 31st anniversary this week

The fast food giant announced its first NFTs this week, with a new headquarters in Shanghai. McDonald’s will launch “Big Mac Cube” NFT, impressed with its new headquarters. The company joins a growing list of food and beverage companies to leverage their foot in NFTs, including fast food chains such as burger king and taco bell and beverage brands such as Budweiser and most recently Bacardi.

Starbucks and McDonald's to test China's digital yuan

Maybe ViacomCBS is the next company to buy IPs for NFTs?

ViacomCBS teamed up with NFT Startup Racker this week. The move will likely target some of the most prominent IP and media franchises that will make their way into the wild of digital collectibles next year.

ViacomCBS is a collection of legacy media brands such as CBS, MTV, Showtime, BET, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and Vic. Riker is currently and is aiming to standardize NFT royalties across different blockchains. Also, thanks to this partnership, you may have an opportunity next year, so stay tuned. The exclusive white label ViacomCBS platform from Recur is expected to launch in the spring of 2022.

TuckTalk is also launching its own NXT: Sale on October 6th!

Digital gifts from Cem Yılmaz to Refik Anadol

In addition to great news from the gaming industry, Turkish media artist and designer Rafik Anadol is presented with a 4 piece NXT collection from Cem Yılmaz. New media artist Rafique Anadol shared his work “CYHEAD000008” and 17 thousand 500 TL’s on Twitter.

It was reported that Cem Yılmaz’s gift NFT Collection was offered on the OpenSea platform for $ 1,890. In simple terms, an NFT fragment of 17,500 TL was donated to Refik Anadol based on TF. This is how Cem Yılmaz, who is also a cartoonist, responded to Anadol on Twitter:

CryptoPunk Owner Denies $ 9.7M

The rare CyrptoPunk NFT, which costs about $ 9.7 million, remained with its owner despite finding a buyer. This piece is called # 6046 and features a rare appearance from character-driven meetings. So your chance to own this NFT is only 4.

A total of 10,000 pieces were collected by Larva Labs, currently with the NFT Marketplace Open Sea, with a trading volume of 551,000 ETH.

Reese Witherspoon stepped into the NFT world

Famous American actress Reese Witherspoon has announced that she made her first NFT purchase on Twitter. Witherspoon tweeted on Monday and did not indicate that he had purchased NFTs. He tweeted that he wants to meet female creators:

I just received my first NFTs! I’m learning a lot. I would love to hear about the amazing women who produce NFTs.

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