Sunday , August 14 2022

A hot needle diagnoses lung cancer in minutes!


In remarkable scientific and medical developments, British doctors have proposed a new way to remove lung cancer using a hot needle to diagnose the disease within just half an hour before they undergo surgery.

Physicians are now able to diagnose lung cancer that is benign or malignant due to this injection, which can include a portion of the tumor to be analyzed and know its type, making it easier for patients to perform complex operations and allow them to undergo treatment in early stage of the disease.

According to the Daily Mail, the needle is inserted into the patient's chest near the tumor site and the sample is removed and analyzed.

"Treatment of pulmonary lung cancer in the lungs will be very effective in the next period and will increase the recovery of the patient where the tumor will be detected early in life before it increases," said Dr. Sam Hare, a physician at the Royal Hospital in Britain.

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