Wednesday , October 5 2022

Ahmed Flux publishes a recent portrait of his father with his grandson


Cairo – Gololi

Egyptian artist Ahmed Flux, who followed him on his personal site at Instagram, contributed to the modern way of his only son, Saif Eddine, accompanied by his father Farouk Flux.

Ahmed Flux, commented on the picture and said "Big Vlux and Small Flux" with reference to the fact that his son lives with him.

Sheya has recently published a photo of her children, Adam and Malik, accompanied by her sister Maya from a wedding ceremony, although more than two weeks have elapsed since her celebration to confirm she still cares for her children.

Here, Shiha recently revealed that her love story about Ahmed Flux began with their story in Amr Mahmoud Yassin's "My share and your division" part II, which he recently introduced.

The Egyptian artist revealed in a press release the date of their wedding and said: "The ceremony takes place last November, after the city's homework was completed on October 6th."

She took Moroccan wife Rabia and his son Saif was born and separated from her. His son lives between Cairo and the United Arab Emirates.

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