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Alexandria Governor Adil Imam Reveals Getting Received for Trade in Arab Countries


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The governor of Alexandria, Major General Mohammed al-Sharif, revealed about Adel Imam, an Egyptian artist presented by the head of an Arab country.

Al-Sharif said that for the Mediterranean countries during his inaugural ceremony of the 37th session of the Magisteria Film Festival, that during his visit to an Arab country, his president joked, without mentioning his name, he was offered his Egypt. Country exchange. According to Adil Imam, Egyptian “Akhbar al-Aum” portal for later taking.

The 37th Alexandria Film Festival will be held from September 25 to October 1 for Mediterranean countries.

It is noteworthy that the producer, Esam Imam, finally confirmed that he, Adil Imam, was not infected with the Corona virus, and insisted that he was in good health and health, and returned after completing his vacation on the North Coast. Came. To Cairo.

Imam revealed that he began to read several scenarios of his art and artwork, emphasizing the need for a subject-matter and an scenario-scenario so that the leader returned to work.

And about the upcoming artistic work of Art, Adil Imam, Asam Imam said that they have not settled on any specific work yet, and that it is one of the more work that is not currently stressed, stress that. The leader windfall will be the next return. To be a dramatic act.

Earlier, producer, producer and director Rami Imam revealed the fact that his father, the Egyptian artist, Adil Imam, was infected with the “Corona” virus, only to have it been rumored on social media.

In his statement to the “Erm News” website, Rami Imam said that his father, Adil Imam, was fine, and that the rumors that he had been infected with the Corona virus were completely false, insisting that Rendi said he was still north. Is on the beach Summer with your children Erin and grandchildren.

He pointed out that it was not the first Euro that raised this rumor, and that it was not limited to infection with Corona, but rather rumors were raised that one raised Yakra Yura, that his father had died, to the public. Assures the father’s health. General Chat Chat Lounge

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