Thursday , May 26 2022

Algerian proposes to set up an agency to track refugee issues in the Arab world


The third meeting of the Executive Office of the Specialized Arab Federations of the Forum was held in the headquarters of the General Secretary of the League of Arab States in Cairo, headed by the Honorable Ahmad Bin Mohammed Al Jarwan, Executive Office of the Executive Office. President of Forum and General Union of Arab Experts.

The meeting was attended by Wassam Fateh, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Office of the Forum and Secretary General of the Union of Arab Banks, Honorable Dr. Kamal Hassan Ali, Assistant Secretary General of Arab States, Provincial Minister Mohammad Khair Abdul Qadir, and Executive Office Members, Secretary. Member of the Arab Union.

The Honorable Ahmad Bin Mohammed Al Jarwan explained that several important topics were discussed at the meeting on its agenda, including suggestions for the establishment of the Funds of Specialized Arab Unions and to join the forum to consider the quality and rules of the members. General Chat Chat Lounge Currency for the specialization of Arab unions, as well as the formation of necessary committees to regulate the functioning of the executive office and to activate mechanisms.

With regard to the new work, Algerian proposed to set up an institution or tool for pursuing refugee affairs in the Arab world, and it was agreed to present a concept that would clarify and discuss the idea of ​​the proposal. General Chat Chat Lounge In upcoming meetings of the Executive Office.


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