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As It Comes To Earth, View High Quality Pictures Of Saturn (Video)

NASA features some of the highest quality images in the history of planets, such as the Earth.

Hubble captured high resolution images of the 3 major field clubs, which in seven years reflected the strong storm of last year from the Arctic.

According to the newspaper "Daily Mail" UK, NASA said the image shows a small storm, and that the color of the Earth has changed little over the past year.

Saturn typically transmits artificially-powered facilities, which cannot capture its details, but Nisha's scientists eventually combined a high-quality image with a sophisticated Hubble telescope, while around 1.36 from Earth. Was at a distance of billions of kilometers. On June 20, 2019.

This magnificent image shows that the wall of the planet is completely illuminated. Even though the Arctic weather worsened, the tornadoes covered the previous year, until last year the mysterious hexane seven still exists.

Saturn's hexagon is the pattern of a continuous hexagonal spiral around the north pole of Saturn, first discovered in NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft in 1981.

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