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Athletic Bilbao Look to be Temp

The Athletic Bilbao will be temporarily operating here in Primera Liga.

Bilbao is set to start a series, beating Barcelona Barcelona 1-0 in its first game of the week. With full mark.

Bilbao is hoping to capitalize on Mallorca's Shakey Morale, who returns to the plane after two successful losses and then rises to the top of the table for Real Sociedad on the opening day of the Atletico Madrid trip.

Athletic Bilbao continued to shine under coach Gov. Gretino, who missed out last season, when he left for the Alderwe Pirou. This time, one of their last 14 games on the Basque side and being 18th, the former management decided to use the services of their reserve team coach Gretchenko, which led him to end the season in eighth place.

Gretino urges his team to win tomorrow's game. "We have to win, this is an important culture that, whether in training, friendship or government, we always have to win.

Guarantino was accompanied by a number of hands-on honoree Herrick Etz Edwards, the host of Barcelona's victory over the hosts and his Guinean-born fitness fiancé Aniacکي Williams.

Williams has confirmed that he receives calls from Manchester base in the summer transfer window: "But my first goal is always Athletic Bilbao and ending my career here."

Atletico Madrid are awaiting a dangerous trip to the Basque city of San Sebasti ،n to face Real Sociedad for their fourth consecutive victory.

Atletico Madrid, accented by several players, including Benfica's English from Portuguese Joao Felix, defensive player Tipperam from Tottenham Hotspur and Marquez Reverend from Real Real Madrid.

As well, on Saturday, Real Madrid and Barcelona will play fourth-placed Lancet and Valencia fourth.

Real Madrid and Barcelona are aiming to recover after their disappointing start, with the first five points with the first round and only four points in the second, and then fully trying to gain the advantage and success of international sanctions. On they play at home.

Valencia will be a guest at Camp Nou under new coach Albert Vikta, who will be ruled out as a replacement for the new Marshall La Marshall Garcia.

Here's the program:


Real Malkota – Athletic Bilbao


Real Madrid

Leggins – Vital

Real Sociedad – Atletico Madrid

Barcelona – Valencia


Eber – Sphenol

Reservations: Seville

Celta Vigo – Granada

Valladolid – Osasuna

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