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Bilbao peaks with the judges' conviction

MEDICINE – Athletic Bilbao and Real Malocco were sentenced Friday to end their six-match scrimmage, with Atletico Madrid leaders in second place behind Atletico Madrid.

Bilbao was a golden opportunity to help with commitment in the standings after taking a penalty at Stoke Time, but Artist Edwards was saved by goalkeeper Manuel Reina.

The Bilbao of Mallorca lost its previous three league games, were the most dangerous team and could already make it.

Silva Cephea was hit by a post in the 76th minute and the team had the most dangerous chance after a penalty kick in the 81st minute.

Mallorca has now failed to win seats in its last three league games.

Bilbao's injury hit the bar in time, four points ahead of four games. Atletico's top hurdles with nine points from three games and visit the Real Sociedad on Saturday.
There are actually five positions and my Lounge Barcelona farmer, which is a point behind Valencia.


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