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Death star Simon Ismar was found at the age of 76


Lebanese director Simon Esmer died at the age of 76 after decades of star-making.

In recent days, Asmar fell ill and died in a Beirut hospital.

For the first time in 1972, Asmar first appeared in the "Studio of Art" program on State TV, and from this program several Lebanese artists, including Majid Ramey, Dad Tawfiq, Abdul Gahi, and others.

For years, Stott was an academy for the Tavernia graduate of El Forna, including Raghuram Alam, Rabbi El Khalili, Najwa Karim, Issy El Hulani in 1980, and other stars in the song and urology fields.

Asmar is a well-known artist and director of artist, entertainment, tourist, cultural and purpose programs at the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBB), where he was the director of a variety of programs, and later among several Lebanese stations. Moved.

He has won more than 20 awards in Lebanon and around the world, including the 1994 Best Television Creator Award and the same year all the other awards in Australia.

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