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«Health» «Salem Doctor» Stop dealing with the patient



Headquarters of the Ministry of Health and Community Safety

Headquarters of the Ministry of Health and Community Safety

Sami Sami Rauf (Dubai)

Ministry of Health and Community Safety, Urban Doctor "M.L." as a "precautionary measure" for dealing with reviewer patients and non-medical samples, editing and validating scientific degrees and university credentials. Is awaiting and auditing a medical certificate or other academic certificate from a university or scientific institution.
In preparation for the official judicial release, medical doctors must check the & # 39; Stem Cell Medical & # 39; Known as, who will be meeting more physicians on the Medical Licensing Committee today.
Ministry officials yesterday discussed with medical licensing, the Human Resources and Legal Affairs Committee in two substantive directions the necessary procedures, the first of which is to inform the physician's medical certificate, and the second to his legal and practical rights. Accordingly.
The ministry knew « Union»Qualified and Trusted Companies of the Ministry of Education and Delegation have been approached to field scientific certification certification, which provides medical assistance to medical institutions. Emphasize the importance of rapid response, while maintaining the accuracy of the information it provides.
The ministry has revealed that the temporary suspension of licenses for practicing physicians can prevent the doctor from treating patients, as long as they confirm the validity of the scientific certification and have the meaning assigned to the administration. Academic and competent authority in the context of education.
In a related episode, the issue of physician certification mentioned above still extends beyond the social networking website "Twitter". After the "campaign," more than a week later, the physician is questioning this physician's scientific credentials and giving evidence to the scientific institution, where the singers have final fate and expected results in terms of their degree, some even before these conclusions have been made and Consider the claim of validity of a scientific certificate because the university is not accredited.
These cohorts emphasized that the temporary suspension was taken by the health authorities and after confirming the medical caretaker's study was necessary to preserve the values ​​of life-saving and medical responsibility and to maintain ethical charters in the medical field.

Doctor's father: The campaign is bad
The doctor's father said, "M. For,.. Union«In compliance with the procedures and regulations within the state, the scientific degree obtained by her daughter in the approval of the Carlow Medical Equality Approach, we started at a university outside of the state. She pointed out that her daughter's campaign was affected by anger at the social media site "Twitter», where she noticed injustice and some pointing out that her family tried to work and help them overcome the crisis. On the reasons behind the campaign for her daughter, she replied: "Envy and catch and some of my daughter is jealous, some profession partners."
He said: "We know who is behind this notorious campaign, but at the moment our focus is on believing in the equality of scientific credentials for my daughter, as it is the best answer for skeptics in scientific testimony.

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