Sunday , August 14 2022

Increase confidence in the UAE economy


Jamal Saif Al Jarwan Secretary General of the Emirates Council for Investors Abroad

Jamal Saif Al Jarwan Secretary General of the Emirates Council for Investors Abroad

Jamal Al-Jarwan, Secretary-General of the Emirates Foreign Investors Board, said investment by investment institutions in the UAE and membership of the Investors' Council abroad by exploring the outlook for regional and international markets in 2018 will boost optimism in next week's investment readings, will deepen confidence in the UAE economy. Promote the diversification of the global economy with a high degree of professionalism and competitiveness.

Al Jarwan expressed his confidence in the resilience of the United Arab Emirates' economy to the pressures of instability and tensions in the regional and international environment and pointed out that the opportunities for the economic and investment agenda in 2019 give the Council of Investors Abroad and the companies covered by it, a double space to attack the place of optimism and readiness based on human knowledge.

Mr Jarwan provided an initial report on the qualitative developments that the national economy has achieved over the past 11 months in expanding its strategic partnerships with promising international markets and economies and extraordinary partnerships that provided optimism in 2019 with doubling of readiness and programming.

It should be noted that the Emirates Foreign Investors Council was established more than a decade ago as a link between United Arab Emirates foreign investors and the government in order to increase competitiveness and eliminate problems in this area. Together, dozens of public and private sector companies have been involved in this platform, including major institutions reached in 2018 international breakthroughs in the field of oil investment, energy, food security, and logistics support being the leading state power in foreign investment.

Al Jarwan stressed that this final disclosure of foreign investment performance by 2018 includes strategic developments, not least the programming of strategic partnership agreements with India and China as a backbone that protects the world economy from the risk of a recession.

He also acknowledged the participation of the Emirates Foreign Investors Council in the Riyadh Investment Initiative and related mechanisms and levers of the Saudi-Saudi Coordination Council, which includes some 175 major projects in which Foreign Investment Council members have open opportunities to diversify resources. Economic and External Investments that serve UAE security and infrastructure projects and are central to the UNH Silk Road project.

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