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Mena Fadali reveals the true state of health of Ahmed Zaher


The story of Ahmed Zahar al-Ashaia, which spread two days before his fall on stage during his performance by artist Tamer Hosni, has prompted the reputation that artist Mina Fadali was furious that she quickly rejected reports.

"Fadhli" published several images through her account on the pages of "Ingestram" gathered "Zaherem and his wife", expressing his dissatisfaction with these reputation and claiming that his health is alright hangs: "Hasby Allah and Yes Agent, Ahmed Zaher Zeil and Health Very, very badly. What's the problem, Atlot? Normal is small and you are better than first. But why the dialogue? Give people a little. "

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She confirmed that Zaher is one of her best friends and explains that she also has good relationships with her wife and says, "You are not a good friend.

It was extended to social networking videos, showing that artist Ahmed Zaher suffered a heavy fall during a visit by Tamer Hosni, who was held last Friday at Cairo Festival City.

Zaher entered the stage and introduced his friend Tamer Hosni and directed the audience to the audience and said, "About Bakht Tamer Beekm," before breaking the balance and falling onto the stage.

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