Friday , May 27 2022

More than 21 million people have received Corona vaccine doses


The Saudi Ministry of Health spokesman, Dr Mohammed Abdali, has announced to start giving booster dose to risk-averse groups.

He added that simplifying the process does not mean a lack of commitment to Corona’s prevention.

Today, on Sunday, Saudi Arabia began facilitating health care measures, on the basis that it was presented by competent health authorities, and given the breakthroughs in protecting society and given cases of corona virus infection. Decrease in number. The mitigation measures include not wearing socks on open jets, except on excluded joints, while keeping them locked on the jaws.

A Saudi Ministry of Health spokesman said at a conference on Sunday that more than 21 million people have received corona vaccine doses.

He pointed out that the total doses of corona vaccine were over 44 million.

Regarding the Moderna vaccine, a spokesman for the Health Ministry said, “Studies have proven that the Moderna vaccine is the best vaccine to fight mutants.

The procedure includes flexibility to allow the entire scope of the mosque to be used, while forcing laborers and pilgrims to wear socks on the mosque’s corridors at all times, and to continue to use “Umrah” or “we trust”. Request for controlling the number of times available for going to Umrah and prayer dates.

It was also allowed to make full use of the mosque in the mosque, forcing laborers and pilgrims to wear hooks in the corridors of the mosque at all times, and to make prayer times and visits using the “Umrah or We Trust” application. General Chat Chat Lounge Distinguished kindergarten to control the number at once.

Simplifying the process also includes distance canceling and the use of full scope in meetings, public places, tours, restaurants, cinemas, and the like.

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