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Need to be in the field to emphasize the firm message of the season of Mohammed bin Rashidi

Vice President, Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Prime Minister of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Kalam al-Qaram has confirmed that the UAE was created by the late Shaykh Zayed bin Sultan Al-Hanaan, God kept his soul from scratching, His Highness was his social In a tweet on the networking website said "Twitter»: «Designed from the field of Zaid and in the field we will move on." This is linked to a video clip of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al-Hahn, may God have his soul. Relaxing, Sheikh Zayed Zidane in the tourism field and followed the development of various projects.

The video also includes a sound commentary on the guidance of Sheikh Hasina's ministers that they should always follow up on plans to work in their area.

At the end of the video, the message of his high-ranking Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashidi al-Makkum, addressing his highway at the start of the new session, said: "The field of officials, ministers and leaders is the field." And teachers, or between marketers and entrepreneurs. We have them sit between farmers and fishery ports and with mothers, and senior citizens, when they get sick, between doctors and staff at the hospital. "

His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has always sought to find a field to meet the needs of the people and is the first to work closely with the countries in order to create the emirate. His superiors summarized his policy in his work, saying: "My goal is to move beyond the office and paper style and to the street, where people, citizens and fighters, and all groups are able to work, and the authorities. Is not the only place to go to the office committee and site, on the street, the place of the public, to get information and to access the facts and facts of the facts while they are in the workplace, and our purpose is to report and advise. Should go to community sites without the use of study. In all the UAE, it has become a backbone in high management and leadership negotiations. Nine generations come to the principles of different places.


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