Friday , May 27 2022

Nokia offers its popular “6310” phone rep


Nokia announces the production of its classic phone “Nokia 6310” with basic modifications today in basic design.

  • Nokia offers its popular phone, Yuhr
    Nokia offers its popular “6310” phone rodu yer

On the 20th anniversary of the entry of the “Nokia” into the British market, FirstFor Euro announced the production of its classic phone “Nokia 6310”.

According to Nokia Phones The HMD Global, the new phone will retain many of the features that were available in the first version, such as the original silhouette, long battery life, and even a copy of the popular “Snake” game. General Chat Chat Lounge

At the level of changes, the new phones will be equipped with a large button, easy to read read menu, plus 1.8-inch screen with “120-160 pixels” resolution, and FM radio antenna phone. Will be selling for $ 82.

This was the first appearance of the phone “Nokia 6310” in 2001, an updated version of it was released in 2002 called “6310i”, and production was stopped in 2005 with the release of “Nokia 6230”. “In addition to other yen phones.

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