Sunday , July 3 2022

Nutrition Advisor: Creating bark broth, almonds and soy saucecase


Secretary of Clinical Nutrition Department on Egypt's Cancer Hospital in Egypt, 57357 Dr. Jalal Saleh, emphasized that nutrition plays an important role in various diseases such as diabetes, hyper tension, heart and cancer prevention, especially in everyday illness. Do

The food is an internal body of human body and body body. If the food gets the environment and in the eating condition, it hurts and it is more dangerous than chronic and unhealthy illnesses.

he said. Endangered endlessly illicit illnesses, and long periods of many or long-term risk are expressed, especially in this case, they are demonstrated in various diseases, especially cancer.

He said that the World Health Organization has suggested the development of Vegetables and Vegetables, Fresh and Serious Cereals and Thickness, and reduce the amount of processed meat and reduce the fat and fatty fat and spices.

According to the World Health Organization, 50 grams processed meat days on one day can prove to be more dangerous 18 times of cancer cancer, especially if it is inherited by malaria and nutrition, nitrate damage to the digestive system.

He has pointed out that the protection of the preservation and taste and the protection of all desires, which is essential to the industrial revolution, is emphasized that its intensity is due to the destruction of children's brain, and some research shows It is more likely to be related to cancer. Especially for children, with extra fatty milk, soy sauce, eggpling packaging and chicken massage in this material.

It needs to be emphasized on the need to save or reduce the amount of food that is needed, including many types of cancer, which include food and processed meat and preservatives, and rice, rice And there is a lot of food in the nutritious, and can reach tillrochlorous, sugar and pressure and heart access. In addition to the availability of damage to the paper, which foods food, and increase the relevance of heat in heat.

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