Saturday , June 19 2021

“Sports Arbitration” confirms the validity of his decision regarding the Allied youth protest – Sports – All Games

The Emirates Center for Sports Arbitration confirmed that the order issued in connection with the Shabbat-ul-Aaliyah club protest was issued that the headball team win against their team, the result of match 29/22 is clear and specific and it has Power is The Executive Bond, in dispute over No. 112 of the 2021 Games, regarding the outcome of the match between Shabbat Al-Ahly and Al Ain, is clear in the final round of the cup and does not require explanation, and what was included in the decision issued on April 26. The chamber does not include any words or words that may have led to confusion.

This came in response to the Handball Association’s letter in the statement of the arbitration center in which it requested clarification of the case filed before the Appeals Chamber of the Ultimate Youth Club against the Union, al-Din considered a winner in comparison to the Al-Youth Compare the 10 / zero that happened between them on April 19th.

Accepted the protest

The center acknowledged the youthful protests and admitted to winning the match with its original result 29/22 and the result, and addressed the center’s handball federation, which included that the ruling was clear and that the executive bond Reserves the power to refer to the text of Article 15 of Article 15 of Law No. 16 of 2016, stating that “the decisions, decisions, and records issued by the Center are final” with respect to the establishment of the Emirates Center for Sports Arbitration. , Coupled with the quick enforcement, and executive bond strength

Al-Ahly youth protests

The Center explained that the Al-Lahiya Youth Club submitted a request for governance action, which resulted in the Senate Public Authority addressing the May 2 games for sports, taking legal action to enforce the rule of action in this regard, which disputes sports control. The center has filed in front of the Appeals Chamber, with costs to be paid arbitration fees, provided they are notified of the procedure by the General Authority Sports within 5 days from the date. The speech, and the statement, emphasized that a decision issued in a dispute does not need clarification because it is clear in its statement, and tolerates the force of enforcement and the legal basis.


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