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The Dubai Cycling Challenge launches on November 5


To transform Dubai into a bicycle-friendly city, to inspire community members and practice sports and make them, according to the directives of Sheikh Aziz Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai’s Wali Ahad and Executive Council Chairman. General Chat Chat Lounge A way of life, Dubai Tourism, in collaboration with the Dubai Sports Council, announced that on the fifth of November next, the Sheikh Zayed Road will be changed to an open path for cycling, with the participation of General Chat Chat Lounge Thousands of fans of this game will have a unique experience as they drive between the prominent and famous landmarks of the vibrant city of Dubai.

This challenge, sponsored by DB World Group, is an endorsement of Dubai’s global position as a priority destination, the preferred destination for tourism in the world, and the first fitness city in the world. To encourage Follow a vibrant and happy life, and provide the latest tracks and routes in different areas of the Emirates that are dedicated to cycling and use them for daily commuting.

Speaking on the occasion, Ahmed Al Khaja, executive director of the Dubai Festival and Retail Establishment, said: “Last year’s Dubai Cycling Challenge was a landmark moment when Sheikh Zayed Road was transformed into an open track for the first bicycro bicycles, as is its greatness. Shaykh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, participated in the Challenge, who participated in a large number of events of different nationalities and ages.

Al-Khwaja added, “Continued sports and physical activity in Dubai achieve greatness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and the ruler of Dubai,” God protect him “, which is UAE. Is a guide to the best practices and ways of life in taking a global destination, and its greatness. And provides the latest and safest routes to the areas of Dubai to inspire the practice of sport, which reflects the happiness of society and its physical and mental health.

He stressed that this year’s challenge will be a success by inviting cycling enthusiasts to participate in the ceremony, enjoying the gentle weather with family members and friends, as well as watching the famous Dubai landmarks as they visit. Riding on bicycles. Physical and mental health in Wing Ain, and Wing Abe in Dubai’s cities. The world’s most active, active, healthy and happy.

For his part, the Secretary General of the Dubai Sports Council, His Excellency Saeed Harib, said: “We are delighted with the edition of the Dubai Cycling Challenge, the challenge is a new world that Dubai is representing. This meeting is a gathering for various cultures of national nationalities around the world. Improve your physical fitness and daily activities by promoting community long-term sports culture by community members, and in a way that meets the objectives of the Dubai Sports Council. Maintain the health and happiness of members of society.

The honoree pointed out that the Dubai Sports Council is keen to launch quality initiatives that promote fitness culture and practice various sports activities anywhere and at any time with family and friends.

Sultan Ahmad Bin Salem, Chairman and CEO of DB World Group, said: “At DB World, we think maintaining physical fitness should be available to everyone, so we encourage our employees to do this regularly. Live a healthy life through physical activity. Dubai is pleased to cooperate with the Fitness Challenge and support the “Dubai Cycling Challenge”; this is one of those sports that does not receive a lot of interest in Dubai and is environmentally friendly, in addition to the sport. He is allowed inside. The vibrant atmosphere of Dubai.

He emphasized the desire of Dubai World to support activities and events that help raise the quality of life in the city, and encourage residents to transport and use bicycle friendly roosters as environmentally friendly tools. Due to the health of the game method. Benefits on the life of the individual.

One of Dubai’s most popular landmarks in the middle of a competition.

The “Dubai Cycling Challenge” is one of the most prominent activities of the fifth season of the “Dubai Fitness Challenge”, with participants having different physical abilities and abilities, as well as options for beginners and amateur and professional athletes. The challenge consists of two tracks, one of which is 14km long, and is open to people 10 years of age and older, where the race starts and ends at five locations at Sheikh Zayed Road and Financial Center Street. , While allowing thousands of participants. See amazing views of the city, such as: Museum of the Future, famous for its modern design, Emirates Towers, and the City of Dubai. As for the trail, it is over 4km in length, and is perfect for families and children, who can enjoy leisure time, as well as enjoy spectacular views of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard and the Burj Khalifa. What.

The Dubai Fitness Challenge, in its fifth edition, offers a full schedule of free sports activities, fitness classes, and a wide range of wellness activities in the inner city, including three fitness villages: Kite Beach, Expo 2020 Dubai, and Musharraf Park, are in addition to 14 fitness centers in residential and commercial complexes around Dubai, and more than 5,000 free sports classes. In addition to the Dubai Cycling Challenge, the Dubai Running Challenge is also returning this year to give the public the opportunity to walk on Sheikh Zayed Road on November 26th. More than one million people are expected to take part in the Dubai Fitness Challenge this year. Participants To ensure the safety of participants, all facilities and facilities that host sports activities appeal to the general health and safety guidelines related to the “Koi-19” epidemic, including the rules of social exclusion, and Public to be exposed to this.

It is noteworthy that the “Dubai Cycling Challenge” is organized by “Dubai Tourism” and “Dubai Sports Council”, and sponsored by DB World Group, in collaboration with “Aviv Clinics”, Emaar, Emirates Airlines, Emirates NBD, and government partners. The UAE, Mai Dubai and Noon, while the list of partners in the public sector includes the event insurance committee, the Dubai Health Authority, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai, the Dubai Police, the Ministry of Education, and Roads. Transport Authority, in addition to Media Partner, Arab Radio Network / ARN / Fitness & Entertainment Application STEPPI. For all those wishing to attend, they can register for the “Dubai Bike Challenge” via the event website


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