Monday , July 4 2022

The wedding estimate value is $ 125 million in 2018


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In a census in the Ministry of Census obtained from the "Statement", the last cost of marriage approval during the current year benefited from the end of November 125 million, 1788 citizens, and participants in the program The number of "products", which is a state of stability, from the federation to the end of this year's third quarter of the year.

Youth Restoration

The program enables young people to engage young people with the idea of ​​increasing their consciousness and experience in the concept of marriage, as well as how to make plans and how to divorce divorce and to resolve their challenge issues and to challenge them with the present challenge. Has tried to get married. In addition to the use of expertise in the use of education and reform in the field of education and reformatory, speaking in common and family-related challenges, raising their cultural and social standing levels, along with the guidance of contemporary facts.

The program consists of 6 multi-axis axis, including: the importance of strengthening the family building, the importance of marriage and its needs, the importance of domestic relations, how to address family problems, financial and financial planning. .

The program provides a lifelong life-saving life that is talking about various diseases related to increasing your cultural level. Examples of positive and corrective tools are presented for examples, attempts to enforce and exploit them, attempting to solve the experience of the person by man, not being aware of marriage information information, as well as their behavior Development and negative behavior and changing training, and understanding of the concept, and how to improve the communication method as needed.

Family guidance

The program presents a selection of family consultants who is cooperating with the ministry and are guided by their family members in the guidance of family members and are guided to guide them in their courts and judiciary. Lecture is an ideal opportunity for direct communication to young people to marry, family counselors and their participation. Discussions discussed in the subject of the lectures, which positively reflect on their experience and experience, and challenge them in the future of any future in the future or the challenge of family, more detailing children and other details. Prepare for

The program is based on the wishes of the Ministry of Community Development based on the wishes of the Ministry of Family Development, which is the development of the society and the heart, they have the respect and respect of the strong family's friendship and respect and is aware that the decrease in or decreasing membership differences, There are differences and family problems and psychological and social values.


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