Saturday , December 4 2021

Three children buried their child in the result of one's murder, a patient "IsS"


Hamza Dana

Amman, Ground surgical court recently condemned the age of 50 years of Essentials of Death to the age of 50.

During the hearing of members of the Supreme Court judge, Supreme Court judge, Judge Fouzzi Alarar, and members of the judges Abdul Jameem-ul-Haqban and Loe Obudat, were convicted of three criminals for three times in the case of criminals.

In the details, the facts of fact is that death penalty was created in 2000 and it is alleged that the charge was allegedly influenced by his father, who has been infected with ASS since 1990, and was diagnosed with his illness, from 2013 to the victim. Began to hurt, the time spent for 13 years, where he attacked them on different days. Couples who are twice 39 times and 10 times are the ones.

After that, the girl told the girl of the girl that she filed a complaint with an authorized option and confirmed the father's attack on the transfer of her daughter and sister after the necessary medical examination.

Defense decision decides to take the biggest punishment against father Last month death penalty was death.

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