Monday , September 23 2019
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Weather in the UAE upcoming days

The National Meteorological Center is expected to be climatic in the coming days and with dry spells will occur over different regions.

Weather on Thursday is especially good in the east, especially in the east, and some areas have the chance of lightening in the morning or lightening in the morning. It is generally run from the northwest and eastwest to the northeast to the northeast. The Arabian Gulf and Oman's sea is extremely soft in the sea.

Friday's weather is extremely cloudy, especially in the east, and breeze with yeast in the morning. Sea: Intermediate level in the Arabian Gulf and sea in Oman.

On Saturday, the weather is expected to vary in the north, with the climate becoming more widespread in the east. Up to 38 km, the sea is moderately moderate in the Gulf of Oman and Oman.

On Wednesday, the weather will be dry in the morning and the east will be cloudy. From west to east, east to east westerly and southeast to east, and east to light, will increase 35 to 30 kilometers by 35 kilometers. Cave in Arabian Sea and Oman Sea.

The summer continues, especially in the east and west in the morning with the opportunity to create fog or light fog in the morning, partially spreading in some areas. Koti / ڊ, the sea is soft and moderate in the Arabian and Gulf of Oman.


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