Sunday , August 14 2022

Written by author "Yasin Dhabi" by Yasir Ahmed


Alan Publishing and Division House House Published "Madin Dubai" by Yasser Ahmed, 2012 as a winner of the Cyrus Award for Best novel Young Book.

"Sometimes it seems that things that have passed in your memory, they are like a tree of silent trees, they do not see air, no birds are seen, no stranger, no one alone and others. Hide it from yourself, your travels now, about your face, height and honor, even though you are everything.

How do i get in the world of science I entered the jungle in a Japanese ship and another hand came down. Stomach kept me in the middle of the flood. He pointed out there and said that this is your place. From the beginning Satomi I diagnosed my situation and felt that I was mad, but now the country is now trying to heal me. You have brought me to your right and face the face, to face my face.

I have not made any trouble, the cathedral's death is a beautiful thing, just a few hours since the last time. Here and years ago, this signature was signed in the building, mausoleum, doctor and doctor, here we set two partners. Here I started my relationship with Dubai madness. Here I start working globally in the journey, the great world of great worlds, bullies and transforms into the reality of the dead, which is impossible to change.

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