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اA car sounds indicate a close error – a list of errors


Diagnosing car malfunctions does not always require special devices. Some bugs have their own special sound and listen carefully enough to know that you need service to operate the car.

Diagnosing different parts of the car by voice is a task at the same time simple and challenging to diagnose. If you know your car and hear it and hear its sound, it will be easy enough for you to identify the problem. You won’t hear any of the car’s voice or new sounds.

Breakdowns can give different sounds:






Shock absorber

Exit system

Which voices should be warned

  • Immediately after starting the engine, the sealing and the gas rapidly rising indicate that the alternator is worn on the belt. Tighten it up or replace it with a new one.
  • The timing belt brakes are accompanied by a loud metallic bang sound. Stop the car immediately.
  • A fault at idle speeds indicates a malfunction of the pump – it needs to be replaced.
  • If a gearbox is weakly heard, the shaft or gear bearing is damaged.
  • There is a noise or noisy noise when you press the clutch pedal and the sound disappears; If you release it, then the release bearings are probably out of order.
  • The uneven rubber wear on the tire indicates that you need to check the camber.
  • Wheelers when driving are visible on hills or uneven roads due to damaged hair follicles.
  • When you turn the steering wheel, the clicks can be clearly ible – CV joints are faulty.
  • Also when speed increases – Y-axis bearings are faulty.
  • Driving Yankees From The Wheel While Driving – Wheelchair Wear.
  • n When making a noise when turning the steering wheel on an unpaved road means wearing a tie rod.
  • The rise of the new breakpads, which have been running week-to-week, will mark their marriage.
  • If older pads are moving, it is time to replace them and check the brake disc.
  • The shock absorbers of shock c and k and que sound sound indicators on non-roads indicate wear or tear.
  • If your car starts to wobble like a racing car, there is a problem with the exhaust pipe.
  • If your exhaust pipe starts to “shoot” – the muffler must be replaced immediately.

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