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September 11, 2019


Even more recently, two years ago, after Apple's presentation, the whole world was traditionally divided into two camps. Those who make Kittens for their mistakes, and their praise, in other words, the fans and the haters. Today, more and more you get comments from third-camp non-observers regarding a campfire and, most importantly, a campfire, pointing out that Apple is no longer there.

I mean I've always been in the middle and looking at it all with a cold head, although neutral, but that won't be true. Then, I often found myself in the hate side, which was Apple's lack of one or the other, primarily as I considered the technical trick, secondary or in the absence of some function and capability. It comes to mind first – NFC, wireless charging, instant charging, waterproof and so on.

Most of the features and capabilities are given
Apple devices have appeared in it for years, for example, Korean, because
That Cupertinos almost always found himself in the role of capturing. In spite of this
Apple's compassionate marketing machine helped to brainstorm
Despite the fans and the numbers, Apple continued to attribute it
Evil even where the company's secondary products were clear. due to
In forums and comments, one often finds the missing track,
For example, this was Apple's first time to enforce payments using NFC.

Despite this, to my dismay, I am again
I'll have to delay processing it,
It was Apple that made, or rejected, these popular or popular features or technologies
To facilitate their use and benefit to consumers.

It's not just for smartphones, but also with accessories.
Such as, for example, TWS satellites or challenging viewers who have appeared on the market
Not long before they were re-thought by the creators. Though large and popular
Only after the app does Apple show a preview of their products
He explained what they needed, what to do with them and "here is the standard".

And over and over they carry out this trick,
Despite this, put it mildly, their products are not very good. And
Have done so far.

Take at least the AirPods – very modestly, despite the aesthetic popularity
Sound, though, in theory, sound is very important for headphones
Parameter. Or not

Although to me, a fan of good sound, no, no, and I want to
Purchase your AirPods as a replacement for your replacement. in fact
In fact I just like their minimalism and the full shape, especially the case, inside
The small size that helped them squeeze everything they needed.

What can I say about the price sounds, if I were in the process of ignoring the price, I also had a thought: "But I should try the Xmas Phone 11." Yes, most likely, I won't do it again, but there was interest, and the desire did not diminish, at least because of the software chips that will be the eleven generation of Apple smartphones. And if you still get all the receipts that happened in iOS 13, for example, in terms of accessing the files, the transfer shouldn't be so painful. But it's all the lyrics, the moments are weak, and you need to keep up. 🙂

It seems that Apple has long understood
The makers have been gone for a very long time, some still take off, and some will never be reached:
The average consumer, for the most part, doesn't understand often
In most of the characters, because it can't be, can't see, don't understand. His this
For users, it is much more important that they simply perform their function, that is
Easy and let you restart your mind.

And if so, it won't be worth the efforts of the same users
To make the most of the product in terms of capabilities, which means it won't buy
He said he would not understand her. It would mean
Someone who can not only "facilitate" a convenient facility, but also
Explain how easy it is and how to use it. And don't let him
So, but what is there, will cover their needs
Most buyers are supportive and comfortable with it.

The same thing happens with other things. No iphone
The biggest hurdles in terms of photography ability, and the gap in space each year
Growing up, but no other manufacturer does that
Taking photos is as simple and straightforward as the Apple Screen Studios.

Most of all, based on their smartphone camera "point-and-show", no one wants to be involved in direct nodes, choose the selection methods, consider the lighting and understand whether it is aperture or focal length. Most people want to get a phone out of their pocket, turn on the camera, take a picture and get excellent results on the interview instead of setting up a pro.

Yes, in the end, on other manufacturer's devices, you can get a super blown image, but for this you have to learn the same aperture, shutter speed, focal length, and how to use it. But this is a lot of scent, which is not so much today. And given that most of the pictures are taken out of the phone, most of the art or Instagram is out of place, the point and shoot option being the highest priority.

That's all And this is exactly what the phone gives you without any complications.

If, with this simplicity, camera capabilities have been added
Some unique and easy to use software chips at the same time,
Then you can better tolerate your friends. And when you look
Last presentation, it became clear that such a "chip"
To potential buyers, Apple Camera will feature new software.

This is the way of the night (somewhere else we've already been, why not)
Is that true?), As well as all smartphone camera capabilities as well as operation
Creating unusual, "cinema" photos and videos, and a new mood
Super-slow autonomy, which is becoming a new trend in Instagram
After the launch of iTunes sales.

And most importantly, you can be confident that "thinking" on a larger scale.
These procedures are provided by other manufacturers. Someone will do the "same thing", and
No one will bother and just copy. However, both of them
Everything else – Apple is still a trendsetter and role model.

In the end, no matter how much we dislike it, no matter how we think
Differently, Apple still manages to surprise its fans and others
Products with exceptional work case entry. Most of them are difficult
To know about it, Aztec has a lot to offer
"D", and today, apparently, it's the word that sells.

Perhaps the problem is that most of these companies involved in device and software development have their own DNA geo-geo. That is, the management of the company relies heavily on the opinions of these engineers and developers. – People who are at the top of technological advancement, which means that they think a lot more often than people think. Because of this, in the long run, technologically advanced and revolutionary in the transformation of the world, most advanced because of the revolution, are not fully suitable for large scale and often in the eyes only a nuisance and a dumb question. آهن.

At least go from Google to the augmented reality technology, which extends from the Tanganyi project. But the presence, it had a subtle effect, because it was so good. So much so that the idea that science fiction was born about that future proximity to fictional films, where the virtual world is directly related to the present, is an essential part. And so time passed, and nothing has changed.

At least that was enough for me, with a lot really playing in Google Camera, and that's it. And that is, if a person is interested in this, then what is the first customer? But nothing A cursory survey of such users revealed that the majority not only looked, but did not say anything about it, but rather, they were not interested. Maybe Apple does not develop the product in this area, although some efforts have been made. Not time yet

Or, for example, reverse charge. That would seem a wonderful feature. But does she really need it? At this time, there is more of a wow effect than a really applicable functionality, as users do not have many devices that can actually charge from the phone. Probably, as the sale of goods that support wireless charging is more than a certain amount, it will be known on Apple smartphones. In any case, we can expect that they will try to convince us why it exists today and beyond Apple.

It is a strange and burning picture.
Only Apple Knows Knows.

But in a barrel of honey there is also a large spoon of butter
A timely bomb for Apple of Nasty has been made
To be proud of and bury the company at any time, because, well, beforehand
The other half of the company is just a wonderful image, which is a little started
shutting down

In this respect, no one else can do the real risk
Copy "other software chips" as it always does
Go ahead, but in fact someone will start making their own. In addition, there are no "chips"
Not only is it easy and simple, but it works well and works well
The field of development is taxing on new, unique technology
No one else Then it turns out that there is nothing to cover.

Because if you don't come up with technology, don't invent, that's it
Someone else will do it, and you'll be given a clue, from how you changed you.
What has been done by others. Best of all, even the most loyal viewers are especially well-regarded, especially in the specialties.
Quickly forget the idols and choose the new one.

Of course, there are older services, both old and new
Recently announced, the importance of which is increasing in the recent future
Iron seems to be standing on a level or even higher in terms of revenue.
But that will only happen if these online services are as fun as they seem
They're waiting on Apple, they are getting rid of these trending people,
For example Netflix.

But today, online services are just a possibility,
Despite the aggressive marketing and pink expectations of Tim Cook.

In addition, the company operates actively and even aggressively
A blanket in the media space, trying to emphasize the many possibilities
It is by itself that the audience gets first-hand information on the resources
The company itself, not on the side. Even now, for example, through broadcast blogging
These are the main paragraphs on their entirety that are bloggers
Too close for that. But they are often loyal to bloggers
Company audience, and it's not worth stopping.

If Apple loses its original assets – audience loyalty, the company's business will turn to Tartar. This will not exit the window with the push, ball cap and head manager at the same time. Often, it will be a slow and painful process through which Motorola and Nokia once pass.

However, such a situation is possible, and it may have already started, as competition is high, and technology is still evolving rapidly.

The question is, how many opportunities does the debate create
Companies and how other opportunities will be there, if they do not decide inside Apple, ultimately, to turn entrepreneurial engineers into engineering non-profits
Not just a company that makes it easy, but a company that makes it even better, and
That means being a technology pioneer.

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