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But a track does not make everything. It is possible that it is already possible / Gordon


According to Socialologist Arena Bakkarnikina, Ukraine Paraguay Porschekko is trying to strengthen the part of its electoral campaign as a part of its electoral campaign, despite the fact that, "despite all," self ".

In a interview with RBBO Yucin, published on February 1, about the issue of Oscophax Church of Ukraine's Ostodrox Church, the theme of Thomas's Comorocinco, "Socialistology aren Bakukkornina", as part of its election campaign.

"He had already found himself on the subject of the animal and went to another place, just got away from the competition. One can not be built on a paper … it is worth mentioning. Regerts join the most Western European Yogurt, among the Greek Catholics, that do not determine the place on their church, but they believe it is a blessing for Ukraine. "

According to him, Porscheinko is trying to gather the "segment of the society, the western and the European Union, to show that he is for himself, is not it?"

"But" An "is very much in this sense: and [лидер парламентской фракции “Батьківщина” Юлия] Tyoshenko, and [экс-министр обороны Анатолий] Gritsenko, and [мэр Львова Андрей] Sadovy and others, "the society who continues.

The answer is to answer that "the amount of subsidy and restriction of extreme election," he plays his role, Bacchinena said: "It will play its role, but which opponents must use it."

"They can say: I usually perform your golden mountains, and then you increase the pension from 200 UAH and you're already ready to read it! Already, after autumn pension, many people They used to grow up to 100-200, as soon as they were merged, pensioners were getting very low. Then perhaps at that time, "socialistologist said.

Elections in Ukraine are set up for March 31, 2019. Election campaign Is going 31 December 2018. On 1st February, the CCA registered 28 Presidential Candidates.

On December 28, 2018, Beckchina said, according to a survey by the Democrat Assistant Foundation, the Parsinocco rate increased and 13.8 percent were ready to vote in presidential elections.

According to a survey of the "Radiati" survey, the survey conducted from January 16 to 25, 2019, 19 percent of voters are ready to vote for Vladimir Zelenisk, who decide on the candidate. In the second place, Bacchachachia parliamentary members, Yuliya Tausuninino (18.2%), and the third present President Petro Parsunino (15.1%).

According to a survey conducted by the SOCIS Center, Ky International Institute of Socioology and Razumkov Center from January 16 to 19, Zelensky is well-known with 23% rating. The second number – Parsushinko (16.4%), in the third – Tauschenko (15.7%).

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