Tuesday , October 4 2022

Federico arranges a “showdown” on the “diets” project for her husband.


The artist sang a song with his lover, who became their family anthem.

Marina Fedunkiv. Photo: Instagram.com/marina_phedunkiv

Actress Marina Fedoncio never expected why she chose one of the shows at Duets. The Ex-star comedian wins a bit on her husband.

The actress accompanied a businessman from Italy to the so-called family life. Marina performed the work Felicita and suddenly felt that Stefano Magi had become her partner in the project.

The show’s organizers arranged a real surprise for Fedunkiv, meeting her husband.

“Our lives begin with lies. He didn’t give me anything, hey, he didn’t even give me an even hole!

Note that the couple performed the song Felicita at their wedding. The composition has become a symbol of their romantic relationship.

“Oh, this is the first family scandal,” Sergey Lazarev joked on the “Diets” channel “Russia 1”.

We will note, however, that Marina Federico came to the benefit of her husband Stefano Magi’s role. Despite its Italian roots, the actress’s beloved displays her passionate mood only in the bedroom. And in ordinary life, Marina’s husband shows her calmness and attention in relation to the chosen man.

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