Friday , May 20 2022

Hyundai will introduce a new 8-digit crossover that is expected in Russia


The South Korean brand officially confirmed the name of the new model and revealed the date of the global debut – the car will appear at the end of November in Los Angeles

The new big Hyundai will receive its name – palisade. Basically, there is no strange feeling in the media that earlier information about this car appeared. But she is curious how society interprets the name. In Hyundai, it should be noted that the name refers to the respectable coastal areas of Southern California, although the word Palisade can literally be translated as a "palisade or high wall".

The technical specifications of the model are not yet published. But Hyundai has confirmed for the first time that the car will become the biggest crossover in the brand's line-up line – 8 seats will be announced! Externally, the model will most likely take a number of design solutions from the HDC-2 Grandmaster concept and will step one step above the Grand Santa Fe crossover.

According to preliminary information, a 3.6-liter V6 of 290 hp will be installed under the hood of the model. coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmission. In particular, the model will be offered on the US market.

By the way, new big Hyundai is already waiting in Russia. The former fact that SUV could come to our country does not exclude Hyundai Motor CIS Executive Director Alexey Kalitsev.

According to him, Hyundai has long been interested in this trend, which is why more than half of all cars in the model line currently belong to the SUV class.

You've probably also heard that our company is finishing work on a new Hyundai SUV, which is larger than the current Santa Fe. We are considering selling opportunities in Russia

Alexey Kalitsev

Managing Director of Hyundai Motor CIS

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