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In Kiev, an diplomat found dead – what a seventh


The police press service reported that criminal proceedings were carried out on the death of a person under Part 1 of Art. 115 – Med Way Murder Marked “Accident”

Diplomat found dead on the dead side of Kef's capital

Diplomat found dead in Kiev / Photo: Collage: a.

On October 16, a 60-year-old diplomat was found dead in a cafe. Law enforcement officials do not reveal the name of the missing diplomat, but the media writes that it was Victor Kryznowski. The body of the man was found on the right side of Osakaurki.

Learn the site “Segodnya” which is unknown about the diplomat’s death.

Which discovered the body

A woman called the Duty Department of the RAW headquarters and said she found the body of a man with no traces of life at home on Sadovaia Street. The District Investigation and Operational Group and the Main Police Directorate, Franzek Laboratory and operational officers arrived at the scene immediately after the incident.

The man’s body was found by a housekeeper. She had come to clean the house.

According to the chief of the Darnytsia Police Department, Alexander Pyatnikyvsky, law enforcement officers interviewed neighbors and workers who assisted the man with the man’s house.

“This morning my neighbor comes from the last house and says:” Trokhimch, you know what? Killed “, – said the neighbor.

He added that there was no noise at night.

We are inspired about who we are

Neighbor Vasily Gordenko said the victim was not very friendly and neighbors had not seen her a day before.

“I don’t sleep. I woke up about 11am – nothing, I woke up at 3am – and I didn’t do anything. I did not know my father in the same way, he was a diplomat. He was also an ambassador, somewhere in the Baltic state, “ – says the neighbor.

Foreign Ministry did not name the missing diplomat. The police also refrain from answering that question. Law enforcement speculates that he was 60 years old.

However, Klimenko writes in the Times The victim – Victor Kryzhanovsky.

How death came

“We first learned that the man came down the stairs to his house, where he lived alone. Then he got up and went to the room on the floor where the housekeeper had found him without signs of life. , “- said Anna Zubreifa from Kew police.

The media does not deny killing

  • TSN writes that rumors about the likely death of a diplomat were being spread on the network.
  • At the time, it indicated that neither the police nor the foreign ministry had commented on the killings.
  • Also, law enforcement officers and diplomats do not intend to name the victim.

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