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Modern electric cars challenge Tesla. What Affects the Frankfurt Auto Show – Reviews

Automated vehicles were paired with unreliable electric vehicles, which should soon appear on the streets.

Power Cars | Tesla These are competitions that are an automated gateway experience and there are many competitions that not only showcase, but also sell to customers.

It is described in the fraud of the TSN program, which shows that the worldwide automotive industry was fired at the Freight Motor Show.

Therefore, Porsche has finally emerged The first tweaked electric carGeneral Chat Chat Lounge The company claims that now the car will not only compete with the Tesla Model S, but will also win it. Therefore, cars in Nمrburgring have already been tested and showed the best results in serial electric vehicles, 3.4 thousand kilometers in 42 hours.

Porsche says the record is set by ultra-fast charging, which makes up 80 percent of the time in an electric car called "Charge" for just 22 minutes. At the same time, at a full charge, the trunk can travel 450 kilometers. Its top-speed version accelerates to hundreds in just 2.8 seconds.

Porsche Cayman

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Elon Musk, however, has already responded to the offering of new products Porsche And described the "Turbo" postcriptcript on the back of the car. He sarcastically wrote on Twitter: "Hey port, it seems you don't understand the word" turbo ".

In addition, Musk made a comparison table, where Tesla The Model S is still a little bit ahead in terms of tactile acceleration, miles, and costs.

However, Porsche is far from the only company that seeks to take away workers TeslaGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Therefore, the like does not interfere with the Korean leaders, but they do not or do not become a priest.

Hyundai An electronics-like concept is proposed by 20 aircraft designers. When the car will be produced is still unknown.

Hyundai 45_1

Another German brand that did not show Frankfurt motor is empty audio. Electric SUVs Ian: The cause of the trailIt seems, not just off the road, but ready to unleash the crust of the moon. He claimed that the left mileage was already capable – 500km, but even that was just a prototype.

AudioEye: Trail Quota

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Moorsize tried to make Benz into a fashionable fashion The cause of the electricityGeneral Chat Chat Lounge According to rumors that the all-wheel drive model is expected to be in production by 2020. The car's capacity is up to 700km / h, and it'll take hundreds of hundreds less than five seconds.

Mercedes Benz

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The electric German other than the Volkswagen has already assembled an audience in Frankfurt. The company brought it The first production electric carWhich was made from scratch. It will cost around 30,000 euros, and the range varies from 330 to 550 km.

Volkswagen ID.3_2

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Therefore, the Volkswagen electric car can already be selected by buyers from the budget Tesla Model 3General Chat Chat Lounge Cars are for sale. Volkswagen has already announced the maximum of 30,000 units announced by the previous regime itself.

For details on the latest Frankfurt Motor Show, see the TSN program story.


Tesla's Investors: At the Car Exhibition in Germany, they feature the latest model of electric car vehicles.

A place in the sun war or an Elona mask placed on the heels of an old timer by the Global Auto Industry. At the Frankfurt Motor Show, almost every leading manufacturer now offers its own electric car.

Tesla's Investors: At the Car Exhibition in Germany, they feature the latest model of electric car vehicles.

Note that not all car manufacturers went to the Frankfurt Motor Show. Even so Nissan even visited the air show rural "show"General Chat Chat Lounge Japanese company Nine Geek introduces vineyards in France. In total, the exhibition was ignored by about 20 leading automakers.

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