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NSDC statement wrongly included in sanctions list for “law thief” – not true – Tricolor


On October 15, the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council announced that 108 people had been mistaken in the law’s list of burglaries. Mikhail Podoliak, chief counsel of the president’s office, said on October 16 that the violations were made by employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs when Oyakov was chief.

Danilov, in a comment to hromadske, clarified that it was right about the wrong spelling of names. But he also added that out of 650 people on the list, he was the one who accidentally ended up on the list. The sanctions against him have already been lifted. Who he was and why he was added to the list, Danilov said.

In his comment to Tricalo Ukraine’s Prada, it was stated that the wrong person was included in the list of criminal authorities against which the sanctions were imposed. Tricalo said that on October 15, the meeting of the NSDC was amended only to give the names of the Latin translations, as well as the dates of the mane.

For example, the number 1 Essen Igor is corrected in the English version by the current version of the Essen Igor list in the first version and the first name in the name Esen Igor. English Translation). Or # 3 Lysenko Serhii – Lysenko Serhi on Lysenko Serhii (the last single English letter I have included in the pseudonym), “Ukraniska Prada explained.

Tricolor added that “law thieves” often have more than one passport or passport and the documents can be varied with the name of a letter or a number in the date of entry.

“In that regard, it should be noted that the draft decisions for the NSDC meeting were prepared by the NSDC staff. Subsequently, the proposed materials have been approved by the Secretary of the National Security Council. In fact, the state’s hard and Responsible Steps – The work of every member of the National Security and Defense Council, which, by the way, does not include anything extra, but the Prosecutor General, the head of the Ukrainian Security Service, the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service, the Minister of Defense, etc., project decisions. The consideration is presented to members by the National Security and Defense Council, and by the way, after the meeting is approved, the decision of the National Security and Defense Council goes into effect with its decree, “and to the Ministry of Internal Affairs Remembered.


At a meeting on May 14, the National Security and Defense Council decided to impose personal sanctions against n-557 world-famous “thief in law” and 111 criminal authorities. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy approved the NSDC decision through a May 21 decree.

According to the provisions of the decree, sanctions’ list of sanctions includes 674 individuals and 138 legal entities. They include Dennis Pushilin and Leonid Pasechnik, Serbs Aksenov of Russia, as well as Polikarp Janelidze, Andrei Nedzelsky, Sergei Lysenko, Georgy Khmelidze, Asoyan Nodari, Sergei Oleinik and who or Deniz Pushilin of DPR and LPR. Thieves were called “thieves.”

On June 4, Danilov said there were no “law thieves” in Ukraine, andOf the 111 crime bosses who were approved by the NSDC, R42 and 42 remained.

On June 18, the NSDC imposed sanctions against 12 individuals who stand as crime bosses and criminal gangsters.

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