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Ukraine: online friendly match in Antalya 11/20/2018


14:45, 20 November 2018

The National Team of Ukraine will play the last match in 2018.

Andrey Shevchenko and Mircea Lucescu

Andrey Shevchenko and Mircea Lucescu

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Hello, nice football fans! Today, organizes a friendly translation of a friendly match in which the Turkish national team will host the Ukrainian national team in their home arena! The meeting will take place in Antalya at the "Antalya Arena" stadium. In this fight, the Arbitration Brigade led by Genetz Nuza (Kosovo) will serve. The start of the broadcast is at 19:30.

Betting Sport Betting Office announced the probability of a match Turkey-Ukraine. The home team is considered the favorite of the match, 2.36 is to win, the draw is estimated at 3.20 and Ukraine can be valued by a factor of 3.30.

The match, although friendly, both teams want to win. Ukraine passed predominantly to Slovakia in the League of Nations last Friday, but resolved the main task of dropping out of the group. Much worse for Turkey – defeat from Sweden was the department of Mircea Lucescu in the Division B of the League of Nations.

The history of team meetings has eight matches. At the official meetings, the Ukrainian team looked stronger, with two victories with one draw and defeat. In a friendly match, Turkey scored three victories over Ukraine and only once was a draw.

Before the game, both teams have some personal problems. Mircea Lucescu will not be able to use the defense of Hassan Ali Kaldyryma and Serdara Azize. He will also be one of the leaders of the Turkish national team – Hakan Chalkhanoglu. Ivan Petryak and Sergey Krivtsov will not be able to play the Ukrainian team for injury. The question remains participation in the game Roman Yaremchuk and Nikita Burda.

Approximate recapitulations:

Turkey: Bolat, Bayram, Aykhan, Seyyunchyu, Dzhelik, Yokuslu, Tekdemir, Malli, Ozyakup, Under, Tosun

Ukraine: Lunin, Karavayev, Plastun, Matvienko, Mikolenko, Stepanenko, Tsygankov, Zinchenko, Malinovsky, Linnet, Yaremchuk

Recall that the announcement and the match between Turkey and Ukraine can be found at the link.

We will notice that Mircea Lucescu has announced a request for a match with Ukraine. The match will take place in Antalya instead of Dnepra, as originally planned.

By the way, the cost of friendly tickets for Turkey – Ukraine has become known.

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