Sunday , May 22 2022

Aliens: 5 Things We Learned About Inevitable Invasion at AlienCon 2018


ANDlienCon can be a celebration of all things Ancient aliens, but on Friday morning he focused on the future. Less than an hour later, Travis Taylor, an aerospace engineer and sci-fi writer, gave his insight into how humanity can prepare for an alien invasion that everyone in the Baltimore Convention Center seems to be a corner this weekend.

Long short story: We probably all die.

But do not let go of hope. Here are five things you need to know about the upcoming invasion of the alien, how to prepare for it, and how humanity's war for survival can look like.

1. Aliens probably want to kill us

When strangers arrive, do not expect a friendly E.T. or even something mysterious as invincible strangers Arrival. According to Taylor, we almost certainly look at one Independence Day screenplay.

"They will come and go," he says bluntly.

A scenario of the best cases, foreigners see mankind as a labor force to enslave and use to dry the planet for all its remaining resources.

"I'd rather be a slave than a food," says Taylor.

Of course, there are plenty of reasons why strangers can travel to Earth, but given the distance and effort needed, it would have to be worth it. At least it will not be a random encounter.

"We have a great galaxy," explains Taylor, "but we send regular smoke signals that say you eat Joe!"

"They would dump us almost immediately, and we'd have to do guerrilla warfare."

2. The war is set

Using the best computers around (at the beginning of 2000), Taylor mapped 150 different scenarios for an inevitable war between people and a foreign striker. There was only one strategy that led to victory and it was not nice:

"The only way was that every person aged 14 and over had a gun and every woman was pregnant with triplets," he says. "So we'll have to do the fertility treatment, and the logistics will do the wounded, along with pregnant women and children."


Even worse, mankind would be based on a huge deficit. Taylor predicts that strangers will come with a bang to destroy most of our civilization before we can even answer.

"They would drive us almost immediately and we will have to make a guerrilla war," he says. "It would be as if Afghanistan was fighting the Soviets."

Of course, Afghanistan has been supported by the United States in the form of financial assistance and military training. Who then enters and helps mankind? The best scenario could turn the Earth into a battlefield for proxy war between competing extraterrestrial races.

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