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America’s Got Talent Stent Was Wrong First for Euro Scary Video


Footage has been released of the horrific moment Jonathan Gordon was killed after being sandwiched between cars and falling on top of his America’s Got Talent: Extreme

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Gate Talent of the UK: Safety Team Storm Jonathan Goodwin in 2019

Horror Moments Stuntman Jonathan Groves Was Almost Killed On America’s Got Talent: The Most Shared First Euro.

In the footage obtained by TMZ, the UK’s Got Talent star hangs in the mid-air between two cars while being stopped in a street jacket.

Professional Daredevil had to fall this fall before the cars collided, but as soon as they started to ring, his necklace faded and he fell between them.

A huge explosion can be seen as the vehicles collide into one.

Jonathan falls to the ground and shakes his head, before the painful clip ends.

Jonathan Godwin is a Professional Statute Man



Jonathan was taken to the hospital after the accident


Demands / Thames / Psycho / Rex)

The 41-year-old, who was allegedly the first unarmed non-responder, along with those who were on the NBC set-up on the show-off show, feared he would be killed.

The IT-based ITV star, who has made his career appearing as a professional kid, was taken to a nearby hospital by the US Got Talent where he underwent surgery.

Jonathan’s condition is unclear at this time, but is believed to have sustained “brutal injuries”.

The NBC is said to have confirmed the seriousness of the accident and is offering their thoughts and prayers to Jonathan’s family.

Jonathan, who was rumored earlier this week that Sherlock has been engaged to actress Amanda Abington, returned to the US’s Got Talent, initially after bringing his courageous routine to the show in 2020.

Jonathan Sherlock is said to have engaged actress Amanda Abingdon

The Welsh performer has been involved in several stints of death ying for AGT in the past.

The Watchman also escaped in amazement with the actions of his escape on Britain’s Got Talent.

Jonathan has performed on every continent, except Antarctica, and has an impressive catalog of shows behind it.

He has performed in Channel 4’s Dirty Trick, a track on the Discovery Channel and the Ahl and the Balls of Steel.

He also had his own TV series Dangerman, which aired on BBC America and around the world.

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