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Brothers will run passengers from passenger railway, union warns business

Observers and unions have been warned that ever more train vehicles risk the risk of passengers running the railway, with a recent increase of 2.9 per cent likely to be set and a decade later when wages are paid. Increases the rate.

The donkey hike, effective in January, but estimated by July's inflation data that will be published by the Office for National Statistics on Wednesday, will include annual weather tickets of more than £ 100.

This means that the total cost of training trips has increased by 46% since 2009, compared to only 23% for workers.

Francis O'Grady, Secretary of the STC, Said: "The last thing the UK traveler needs is a further storm surge. We are already paying the highest ticket price in Europe.

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TUC said private train operators paid £ 200m in shareholders in 2017-18 and received £ 3.8bn in public subsidies. O & # 39; Grady said: "It's time to get the train back in public hands. Every penny rail from every penny must be bought on our train."

Labor said passengers had "minimal spending" and promised to take the railroad back to state ownership as the franchise ceased.

Andy McDonald, the shadow transport secretary, said: "It is undesirable and unavoidable that many roads, once again, can accelerate beyond inflation. Under conservatives, rail travel has gained more value every year. What's worse is that as rail efficiency and service quality are reduced, passengers are paying more for less. "

But it defended the government's planned plan. The railway minister, Chris Hatton Harris, said: "It is difficult to worry that Persia will never rise again. However, the truth is that if we stop trading in our railways we will never get better."

From Roy Williamson's campaign group Reliefian, warned: "It may be that we have now reached the point where we simply cannot keep away and expect to kill the passengers. They just have to give up and pay." Refuse to do it. They will either get a job or get a new form of transportation. "

The number of passenger appointments has been reduced by 12.5% ​​in three years, from 616m this year to 712m from 2015-16.

Regular pressures will be maximized by the July RPI, which accounts for about half of all train travel, including session tickets on most passenger routes, return and return on long haul routes. Tickets to major cities anytime.

A 2.9% increase will add £ 94 more tickets to the Leeds Le Mans annual season ticket, at £ 3366, and from £ 120 for a seat ticket to the Brighton London or Edinburgh Glasgow, £ 4,200.

Former Transport Secretary Chris Grayling discussed the need to increase the cost of RPI and the increase in the cost of high-cost consumer data (APP). RPIP is generally higher and less accurate than PPP.

The campaign is called for to change the government for better transport. Its chief, Darren Shirley, said: "There is no longer any more visible sight of them growing, which will be worth the traveler since January."

The Railway Delivery Group (RDG), which represents private train operators and network rails, said each pound stood at £ 1 – £ 98p, going back to the rail. Robert Nisar, director of the RF, said: "Not wanting to get any more out of work, but inflation is not rising, the government makes sure that money from money is available almost every day, on the day of the train service.

This year's promotion comes in the wake of what has been called the railway's design and performance question. Major commuter routes were generally recovered from the chaos of the 2018 summer time change, when thousands were rejected and the railroad recorded its worst primary performance in 18 years, but other problems persisted.

The mayors of the city of Greater Manchester and Liverpool have demanded that Utah demand a departure from its Northern Rail franchise, saying a little misery for commuters had improved slightly in the year. He said he promised only the infamous roller stock that he retired the first Pacer train this week.

Roads, including the southwesterly and north, are hard to find, and a large line can go up on rail pensions. RMT faces the threat of a national strike near the £ 6 billion deficit in industry staff pension funds.

This summer, new issues have arisen, which were given to passengers over the last week's workouts while struggling to catch a running train and arriving last week.

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The future of the exclusive host franchise system has been further exacerbated by the new transport secretary, Grant Shops, in a fierce competition in the South East. A decision that has been delayed by the chaos of the boardroom in the former First Group, on the West Coast Expansion Service. The award of the contract, which will introduce HS2 high-speed training services from 2026, may be announced as early as Wednesday morning when light trains will be turned over. Stagecoach has since stopped the Warren government from bidding for the franchise.

Britain's visit to the station increased on Wednesday, protesting campaigners and allies. On our behalf of Ellen, it was said: "It is not possible that we are over the railroad tracks again after the train is over."

Mike Cash, RMT's union general secretary, said: "The rail network will be made to be less affordable and affordable, not just for the traveling public. We need public ownership at the national and national level railways. "

The review, conducted by Keith Williams, chief executive of Greenling and British Airways, is to publish his findings in the Treasury. It may recommend a new fire-length body to operate the railroad, but national ones are ruled by Williams.

Announced a plan to reduce the cost of transporting young people, the cost of new trains for ages 15 to 17 and 17. The government said it could allow 1.2 million young people to save up to an average of £ 186.

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