Saturday , June 19 2021

Chelsea can increase Liverpool Champions League hopes after UEFA change

As Chelsea beat Real Madrid to reach the Champions League final this season, does it feel a little familiar about this season?

Thomas Toucal’s team is set to compete in the European Cup and the FAC Cup this month, with Man City and Leicester City providing opposition, while also struggling for a place in the top four.

The fluttering results underscore former player Frank Lemard mid-season, while attacking big-time signing Timo Werner is still living up to expectations despite playing a crucial semi-final goal against the La Liga Championship on Wednesday night.

Didn’t we come here first?

Your mind goes back to 2011/12 as Chelsea competed for the Champions League and the FA Cup glory.

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Andrea Vilas-Boas was fired for replacing former player Roberto de Matteo mid-season, while big-signing Fernando Torres continued to struggle despite playing a crucial semi-final goal against La Liga’s JR Barcelona.

Like this season, Liverpool were tied in the Kane Dolglish League and only joined the Europa League.

Having already won the League Cup, the Reds have prioritized their roster in the FA Cup final in the second half of the season but eventually came up against the Blues at Wembley in the final despite Andy Carroll’s heroics.

However, the Douglas men had some revenge a few days later when they played in the Premier League again. This time Liverpool won 4-1.

Incidentally, Chelsea won Leicester in the FA final this year before hosting the Premier League in the next match the following week.

With the big fish thanks to their last case in 2012, the De Matteo guys finally fell short of finishing this winter in the top four on Saturday when they finished the season in sixth, with Newcastle United with Everton. Next up is the fifth one with poor humidity. And Liverpool.

However, they qualified for the Champions League at the expense of Tottenham in the fourth following Uefa’s rule-changing, all ability to keep the Liverpool holder from going over the top four in their own European Cup successive season. Is to compete in the round of 2004/05.

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He has been very forward to the season and it is Chelsea that currently sit in fourth place, with West Ham, fifth, Liverpool and Everton in fifth place.

Could Touchella’s men still go ahead with two big cup appearances in the Premier League?

Their move is not exactly well-traveled with Manchester City and Arsenal on the Civil War before their Leicester forward a day before heading to Villa on the next day.

Should history continue to repeat itself, Liverpool could have an advantage over the top four finishers.

However, a further rule change by UEFA in 2018 ensures that Chelsea would qualify for the Champions League next season if they win the league position later this year, ranking fourth in European qualification. Have maintained their position in the competition.

So while Liverpool may be out of place to join the Champions League next season, such worries and problems can really work out to their liking.

With the mix left and all to play with and even with Leicester City hitting their goals too hard, the guys at George Klopp are ready to shoot.

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