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Chris Awan speaks freely to the radio 2


Chris Ivan and Joe Ball

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In January, the ball will take place from the city

Chris Ende Bbye with his final show at the Final Show on BBC BBC 2.

Three months after the D's last breakfast show show he announced he was after nine years, and the total 13 years on the station.

He would go to the Weird Remix in the New Year and was the mastermind of the young Ball Hosted Radio 2.

It is the most popular radio show in Europe, although the average of Ayan was less than six years of 8.9 million in this summer.

In 2010, posters were removed from Terry Wogan and took nearly 10 million vocabulary letters on their peak.

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  • Ants says that on September 2019

Talking to BBC on a one-day week, he said he was "encouraged" about his happiness, but was ashamed to do his last show in the radio.

He said that he started thinking about liberation after the fact that he was at the station.

He said, "It's shameful, but going on in January, Zo's exquisite and I'm out of the truck."

"Tory was a horrible, nobody could show him like this, we had to do this another way and continue.

"You're like a hobby of a hobby. It's not show, you're gonna have it and come with someone else, and I think it's a beautiful thing."

It is not the end of its relationship with the BBC, however, it also has shown that he has said that he should take part in the upcoming dance season.

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RackAllie will perform Studios living in the studio for her studio radio show. George Era, Richard Ackroof, Stacy Doli, Olivier Mercedes and Palma Faith were among his guests.

The House will host from January 21st to the Virgin Vessel Division.

Her new program is being invited as the First Commercial Radio Session Program Show as a Libertarian advertiser. Instead, the sky will be sponsored by, and Evans will promote the sky program during its slot.

The Town was paid £ 1.66m to host a radio2 breakfast show in 2017-18, and it has been reported that it will be versioned up to £ 2m a year. But he has denied that his money was money.

In September, BBC Director Tanoni Hall said that the post of the star salary chose to leave a fierce and former Radio 4 Manager Aid Mayor Corporation in Aiwan-e-Sadr.

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