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Cricket Traffic: All Dollars will reach all the way on the way


On Friday 21 December, a general map of M25 near Vestermam, Kent, prepared for achieving traffic christmas.Image Copy

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On Friday morning, at the M25 traffic building, on the Kentucky busy road

Air says that the driver who has been alerted to a long time has been warned that all motorcycles are half expected to go to the mainland of the British.

The RCC has been added that 2.5 million recreational trips will be spent on a regular basis.

The bus was busy between 11:00 and 13:00 GMT, on the way, Rex said that with M.M. Emiorsireire and the reporting staff, the worst time will be worse.

In addition to this, many railway passengers in the country have been hunted because the plant is due to engineering engineering work.

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EAS said that after closing the work from christmas to less travel passengers, this difference should be added to a short journey.

According to the RC and Inexperienced, which provides traffic information, there is a possibility of traveling around 2.5 million travelers on Monday. It has been added

  • A1 will reach the north east of Junk 1 (Northing / Rapple) June 21 (Kotrani / Lysiser).
  • The other routes named M25, M5, M6 and M40 have also been called "Immediately looking at the possibility"

RCC said that the number of purely recreational travels on the festivals season prohibits approximately 6.8 million individual travels on boxing days.

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Media captionHow to avoid holiday traffic jams?

On the way

There are 330 seats of rail engineering work that are scheduled to start from January to the beginning.

The Network Rail said that it would not make a major contribution to the universe when no players are ready to run.

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The new tunnel tunnel for the work of the bronze and the new year will be closed

Training does not work on Christmas day and there are only limited services on Boxing Day. But country bus companies are going to run the National Express and Mega bus.

Railway trains include:

  • London is closed from all stages from Paddington and from 24 to 30 December. On some routes 27, 28, 29 and 31 December will have less service
  • In addition to any college contestants or other day to Keenjhar against January College
  • Gateway Express Service from January 2
  • Changes from Liverpool Services to Time Between December 24 and January are changing on time to Eastland Trains, North North Western Railway, North and Virgin Training.
  • Alternative buses between December 27 to January 1, Barcled Central, Berkeley North and Liverpool Center
  • Alternative bills between December and December 28, match between Manchester and Manchester-based Services Manchester, Stylberd, Rochhel, and Salforf, were based on December 2 and December 31. Bonus will also switch some services and Manchester vendors on January 1st
  • In Northern Wales, the Virgin's Triangle will run on Christmas christmas or not run on the Broadcast and Wearcase, on December 27 and December 30
  • In South Wales, the lineline between Siffin Tunnel Karmsph and Lynn Pieddington will be closed between the middle of a 2.8-day dance project between Christmas and New Year's Day.

During the civilization the engineering work was set as the railway normally slows 50%, then said Executive Director of Thomas, North Carolina Administrative Affairs Administrator.

"While most networks are generally open for business, some roads have been hit very much and we have been advised to increase the passengers."

In addition, Gateway has been working for three days to prevent the following reports from the airport to the airport and the railway near the railway near the railway.

In the Birmingham House, the flights were temporarily prevented from accidental traffic on temporary traffic control but later started.

The British travel agent of the organization, said that between 4.7 million and January, will go outside 4.7 million people.

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