Sunday , July 3 2022

Customers of more than 100 ice cream providers accept money from the employee


Based on ice cream Ireland, more than 100 job volunteers leave customer service to accept contractual decisions in customer service office.

As mentioned by Yurugamar, the sources of the Consumer Branch's branch branch were presented at least 5 times in the past few months. The amount of money was also increased. One source told that money was pushed in one year's salary.

Those who have accepted them so far are expected to consent to the end of this month.

Customer effect

Vacation for the convenience of customers in Europe meant for indian sports means inspiration is over.

The publisher has claimed that despite the high-level, their services will not be affected. To stop the Koch Officers, there is no immediate functionality.

Due to the subsequent reasons, due to many reasons the light has come. After the announcement of the Dividend Interlude, one of his fans of the company was backward.

Nevertheless, to increase the project further further in order to increase your operation in a more mobile place.

The last report of a Kotkot has been updated in the month of ice, which has led to increasing the efficiency of electricity and efficiency.

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