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Disappointed tourists are getting a minute to see the new Lisa at her new home in Lever, Paris

VISITORS The Louvre, which has been lined up for hours in a row, complains that museum staff have been allowed less than a minute to see Mona Lisa.

Lavardo da Vinci's Expert Day is an introduction to an estimated 30,000 people – 80% of the public who visit the Piraeus Museum – and staff are struggling to cope.

Mona Lisa recently moved out of her modest gallery in Salem Ann Atat .s, which is undergoing renovations to a temporary home in Gary Hospice. Bottles of visitors have been made to house bottles, and the Louvre has been advised that only those who already have them are guaranteed a spark.

Outside the glass and metal category is a series of rows for the entrance to the Slug Yard which serves as the main entrance to the Louvre, the world's most visited museum. After being bedridden for at least an hour, the visitors are now looking forward to seeing Mona Lace.

Every few minutes, 200 tourists rush to the painting, pick up their mobile phones, but museum attendees are rushing to the front of the queue to keep the next wave of commuters ahead.

Most ribbons are painted on the walls to focus on, only to see Mona Lisa in her protective glass enclosure and be self-sufficient. Many complain that museum staff have only to see the windmills in place of others to clear them. The foreigner had complained to Tradesaver. The "result" emphasizes viewing glass posting from several meters.

Many are disappointed that the paint is smaller than expected – 77 cents to 21 cents. "The boats were rowdy and ferocious for Mona Lisa to get in another row and that had to be lowered so that it was too short and you had to keep quite a lot of looks in it.

Vincent Pomaré, deputy managing director of the Louvre, said the museum staff's work was excellent, but treasures from the community would already be needed. "A tourist who comes without a booking runs the risk of being put out for a long time and may not get it." "There is only one way to guarantee admission."

Mona Lisa will return to her usual gallery in time for the opening opening of an exhibition in October, marking the 500th anniversary of Leonardo's death.

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