Wednesday , October 5 2022

How Fallout 76 varies with Beta


Fallout 76 has only one beta test, and Bethesda has issued a statement about some fixes that she's already planning based on feedback from testing. Some of the improvements are of a technical nature, while others deal with unintentional mistakes that could seriously limit the gaming experience. For other points Bethesda explains why he does not intend to meet certain requirements, at least not right away.

On the technical side, the company plans to support ultra-wide 21: 9 displays sometime after launch. It will not implement a slider of the field of view, but cites fears that it breaks animations and causes clipping. PC players say they have asked for a "push-to-talk" option for voice chat, and the studio said they would look at adding this feature. It has also been said that some common social menus and friends' functions have already been dealt with and promised to repair various exploits with future updates.

Bethesda says it plans to increase the stalemate. "While Stash's 400-weight limit can better cope with time, we plan to increase it in the future," he said. Some beta players have reported that the hunger bar will never be replenished and Bethesda says it has been fixed. And finally, a random shot or other loud sounds at Appalachia will be solved shortly after launch.

These are the most important questions Bethesda decided to focus on, but the company was clear to see Fallout 76 as an ongoing project. In one open letter to the fans Just before running beta, it suggested that it was just the beginning and that it would take every help to find bugs and help them build the game.

Fallout 76 is certainly ambitious as the world's first permanent franchise, but we are concerned about the sense of emptiness it creates. Once a full game is started, another picture may appear. One factor that has already changed during beta is adding a store that has full inventory but does not allow purchases.

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