Sunday , July 3 2022

I'm a nurse & # 39; pie driving accident & # 39; Only a few days ago, was killed in christmas


A single nurse has been remembered as a "costume and elegant" before death in a drinking driving accident.

Rakka Lu 34, died in a three-gauge pool in Syria's northwest.

A 20-year-old man has been diagnosed with the death of a dangerous carrier, when it is over the limit assigned to alcohol, preventing the accident and failure of failure to report the crash.

Daily post reports, today appear to be visible in the Landeddon Museum of Mathematical Court.

Rebecca's malicious family said in a statement: "We have lost such a precious and beautiful lady. Rebecca was a prosperity, 34 years old, Mascin and Bubbdar, who gave each one.

Landscape Disaster Three-Car Accident

"She was a dedicated nurse at Jesse Gondy, and this newborn was helping to open her business.

"She was a daughter, mother, sister, mother and friend, who knows everyone, it will be remembered by everyone, her friends, daughters, friends and friends were the center of her life.

"She was ahead of a stunning future before we were stolen." Riba will be described as a special disciple who knows everyone and will leave a big hole that can never be filled. "

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