Thursday , September 29 2022

Jamie Carragher highlighted Newcastle United’s biggest problem after the possession


Liverpool’s defeated defender Jamie Carragher has admitted he will be happy to see Newcastle United challenge for the trophies when their Saudi leadership is completed.

The Public Investment Fund (PIFF), bought by PCP Capital Partners and RB Sports and Media Club, is sending shockwaves to the Premier League in a record-breaking deal from Mike Ashley.

However, the first task of the new owners will be to keep the Magpies in the Premier League after a challenging start to their Premier League season.

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They have failed to get any of their opening seven games and are currently sitting at the bottom of the Premier League in a crucial game against Tottenham Hotspur this afternoon.

Carragher, who has won the Champions League at Liverpool, hopes Newcastle can reach similar heights as they did when they were fighting for the league title.

Speaking overlapping overlaps, he said: “I think the problem with Newcastle is that in attracting the next group of players or the next manager, people don’t want to be part of the first batch. Now therefore you have to be realistic.

Jesse Leonard will be a signing and signing. He’s not playing at the moment, but Mann would you cheat Manchester United to a team that ranked 19th.

“If you’re Dekalin Rice, you know Newcastle, it’s probably going to be two or three years before we are there.

“But I’m glad there’s somebody going to the party to be in the Champions League position, even in terms of trophies. I think the rumor about God being out of the game is that I give Newcastle a great deal. Clubs that have been away for over 25 years without winning trophies.

“I don’t like it and the fact that these big football clubs are too long. I think if Newcastle can win the league in the next 10 years, you’ve done a great job.

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