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Mercedes-Benz gets the look of all electric limo eyes

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How Many Equis Mercedes Planned?

After smashing the ECRC green HPV and EcoV passenger van into the hobby, Mercedes-Benz plans to add more body shorts to its body's new portfolio.

One of the latest revision concept is the AQRS, one that evaluates the four classes of SE classes. This month marks the start of its world debut on Futuristic Motor.

While the so-called Confetti QC is still a show car, the real article for the skin is expected to produce many similarities to the skin. A new theme for the interior can also be seen in the Contemporary AQRS that hangs on the console and door panels.

Other ECO products that are visible in the product, include ready-made formats such as the AER Compact Catchbook, the EcoBase CSF and the EcoExplain with EEAC. That said, there are six analogies in the future.

Has Mercedes revealed any technical specs?

Yes they are AEC has been created on a new platform dedicated to CBCV. The Philips for the AEC and the ARV that are most commonly used in the JLL and V class are similar to the modified versions.

The concept's ECRS 476hp is powered by two motor systems on all four wheels and can charge up to 700 km / h. Rated at 4.5sec with a time of 0-100 kph.

The platform is claimed to be capable of reaching a lighter size of lithium-ion up to 100kg. These speeds and misfortunes are, especially according to a limo concept, according to the people of Mercedes.

Jaguar has also announced in Frankfurt that it intends to invent the next generation as a Bev, even though the car is not shown in metal.

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