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RELATED: Five Low Cancer Rates in the United Kingdom – Low British News

Survival rates for the UK are low among the 7 most important counties among the world's most respected nations.

Although survival rates have increased, the UK has come down the table for breast, ovarian, pancreas, bowel and rectal cancers.

Cancer Research UK is involved with global health (Australia, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway and the UK) in seven high-income countries, with an analysis of 3.9 million cancer cases between 1995 and 2014.

The UK is no better than some other countries only for esophagus and ovary cancer.

The authors of the study said that the differences between the countries were partly explained by the fact that patients should be quickly acquired by the patient and then have access to effective treatment.

UK Butler's Cancer Investigation UK Clinic Advisor, John Butler, who is studying an article at the Royal Marathon Hospital in London, and the Special Counseling Surgeon, said: "In particular, the large number of two, ovarian and oesophageal cancers. معيار Increases survival that quality surgery basically improves, and more surgery is done in the first place.

"More people are following teams of specialists, compared to judges who are not experts in the area.

"However, while we are still researching what can be done to close the gap in survival between countries, we know the persistence in early diagnosis and cancer care sports.

"Despite our changes, we have progressed better than others."

However, research has shown that in the last 20 years, all seven types of cancer in the UK have a five-year diagnosis after one year and cancer survival has increased in five years.

For example, five-year survival for rectal cancer in the UK has increased by 14 percentage points since 1995, from 48% to 62%.

The UK has seen the highest increase in five-year survival – around 12 percentage points – for breast cancer in all countries.

Sarah Hume, UK Director of Early Diagnosis Cancer Research, said: "While we're on the right track, the statistics show that we can definitely improve.

"We will not see the necessary improvements in diagnosis and treatment unless we have enough of the right staff for our AIDS."

In response to the report, NHL England said it was out of date, while other figures from the Department of Health and Social Security cited that the one-year survival rate for all types of samples was low.

In England, one-year survival has increased from 62% in 2001, to 72.8% in 2016.

The spokesman said: "The cancer survival rate is on record, but we need to go further and save more."
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"Through our HSE Long Trump plan, we will be able to find more cactors at an earlier stage, with around 55,000 lives a year.

"In addition to this, a record $ 33.9 billion more a year will be invested in our NES that will help future staff to enroll staff into health care."

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