Thursday , September 23 2021

Big & # 39; Life & # 39; s Life & # 39; The study shows billions of billions of microbes that live under the Earth's surface

The low levels of small tiny mixture are under the surface level, according to the large study of "living life" living in the living, almost twice a sea in the sea.

Scientists, despite extreme heat, pressure and nutrition, found it, the archaeological world of 70 percent of the Earth's earthquake and archaeological sites.

There were small-scale cadets between the various types of life and "zombie" Microsoft, which is described as "alive alive".

Depending on the MD's expansion or the Gillipus Islands residence, they say that extreme conditions can help in understanding their life and potentially on other segments.

The 10-year-old Carbon Carbon Approximate Project involves deep leveling on the surface of the ocean, and the membrane from the mine decreases samples and less than three miles.

Though their origin only spreads the surface of the ground surface, but researchers live in "deep mutual" according to the 23 billion tonnes of microbiology – around 400 times carbon in humans.

"Ten years ago, we just speculated a few examples, the types of places that hope to find life," said Dr. Dare Lolo, a team of Tennessee University in the well-known university.

"Now, thank you for the speculation, we know we can find them everywhere, because samples have reached just a small part of the sophistication.

The mysterious creatures are called the name "Mabi Bibi", especially in Bactriania and Orthodox, but inside them they have different types of texts, many of whom are looking for.

Especially, the Earth's life-all levels of life appear to be as genital diversity as the above-life life.

Scientists found actually Candidate Wallworld audaxviator Living in germs Mponeng Near Hohenna Mau Cantonment. Scientists did not find any other organisms in their pattern, found that the XML system was found only on the planet with a single caste. (Greg VeneratorGordon In the south)

Although the record wheat on which the skilled land is equal to approximately three miles from the surface of the ground, their lives are not set to an absolute extent.

One of the most important conditions for Microsoft remains in the most harsh conditions, which constitutes 121C on hydrogen thermal vessels.

Dr. Luo said that when the project started, all of it was known to know and how it was.

"Today, we know that, in many places, the vast majority of their most energy-efficient resources is an interesting way to increase their existence and small growth.

Nevertheless, many mysteries are still living in the ecosystem, in which life is spreading around them around life.

They want to assume whether in the field of life, either in the middle of the kist or the hydraulic vitamins in the sea, or before the level of migration.

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"There is dirty access to the discovery of M.K.M. Meena Wana," said another Dutch team, Dr. Dutch Sugin, Marine's biological laboratories.

"Everywhere is life, and everywhere there is unspecified and unusual impairment of unusual orphanages."

Scientists presented their results by American Annual Union Meeting of the US Geological Union in Washington DC.

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