Thursday , September 29 2022

Bill Gates’ wife married to her boyfriend –


Jennifer Gates, the eldest daughter of billionaire Bill Gates and his ex-wife Melinda Gates, walked down the aisle before marrying fellow horseman Nile Nasser. The wedding was a private Muslim ceremony held on Friday night in 142 acres of property in North Salem, New York.

Before the wedding, the couple walked down the street and photos of Saun Yoon circulating on the Internet. The bride-to-be has been posing with the bride in her wedding gown on The Nunner.

The founder of Microsoft is said to have bought the estate for $ 15.82 million after Jennifer graduated from Stanford University in 2018. In addition to Bill Gates and Melinda at the Microsoft heirs, Bill Gates’ 80-year-old stepmother Mamie Gardner Gates, brother and Rory and sister Yan Phoebe were also present.

Jennifer Gates married her partner Nile Nasir, who hails from Egypt. Customized dress is worn by bride designer Vera Wang. After 27 years of their marriage, this is the first yr that led Bill and Melinda Gates to one spot.

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