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Build Land Rover Defense: Our Best Construction

The new Land Rover Defender has already caught the imagination of the public and worked the same number on the team at Auto Express. Like many of you, we have Land Rover's online controller built for cars on the car, picking up the Defender's stick that we would set in an ideal world, in the name of research. General Chat Chat Lounge

The results include these & # 39; Auto Express defenses & # 39; The amount of division and rank in the office with us varies greatly, so we thought we'd share them and let you do the same with your personalized Land Rover differential. #Define Social media hashtag. Show us what you describe and tell us. We'll add the best (and worst) to this page.

Creatures created by Land Rover Defense

The route trying to close the Land Rover's roads was always risky, just because the original defense and Sri Lankan games were, before it, so many different things. All the GLR's designers and engineers needed to team up to please all the people all the time.

Feedback: Does the JLR need a new guard in its lineup?

When you consider ordering online, it seems to offer them a whole new array of dinners, with the addition of a variety of different specifications, accessories and options. The capacity to create your own personal defenses is enormous, even by modern car industry standards.

The most important things are achieved. Do you have a rigid, hose-down diaphragm designed for coats, ashes bales and Aryan materials? Or do you throw away a list of options on money – without creating an objection to the trendy parts of the city better than the swanky swamp? And when you're done, do your efforts mark you as a good homemaker of automobiles or a goldsmith? You go down and up #Define The weapons …

Steve Fowler's defense

Base price: £ 53,810
Options £ 14,453
on track: £ 70,133

An aggressive look at Steve Fowler's editor has made him look defensive. It is found in the Urban Pack, which includes a metal scuff plate and spare wheel cover and checker body safety kit and 22 inch bike. Inside it another £ 500 was split into 12-way adjustable heat and heat seats, but it also has a full Geographical 2 off-road system for pre-off-road capability packs, so it's only an urban warrior. do not have.

Defensive of James Butler

Base price: £ 43,370
Options £ 7,270
on track: £ 52,510

Our editor has made great efforts to keep things relatively simple with his defensive 110 D200. By the 1980s the Defense Council had used 110, according to its arrangement, the color of Tasman blue glass was mandatory. He also went with the Black Dull Bar for its pedicures, pedal arch protection and college look for country packs.

Interior-wise it was a back-to-back base, with a plastic stainless leg and cloth seats, and the Country Pack also features a portable signal system and a loading partition. Sadly a bonnet host Speedway and the & # 39; County & # 39; Door graphics are not on the list of extensive options.

Defending Richard Ingram

Base price: £ 53,810
Options £ 9115
on track: £ 64,835.00

Reviewer Reich has a pretty good idea about how defensive he should be. "I dislike the idea that the Land Rover needs a return to workforce. In recent years, the company has proven that you don't have to sacrifice luxury to get real – no matter the quality – just the latest discovery and the peak. Look at the end-range revolutions.

"I have the" mine "defense in the Indian Silver color, 20-inch wheels and sliding panoramic wall-sized SH measurement. There is also heated and shiny seats and climate control for the three zones. Should run down the road.

Dean Gibson's defense

Base price: £ 43,370
Options £ 16,256
on track: £ 61,496

In his own words, Content Director Don is gearing up for his defensive "Full UN". Then the sorted letters made a mistake in listing all the options and the items were discarded. The two helped the United Nations Convention to dispute the £ 16k option.

Defender of James Brady

Base price: N / A
Options all of them
on track: Price on application

The temporary word is not that the otherwise extra features of senior staff writer James Brady. This really helped to ruin the Land Rover Defender controller with increased backup capacity. "I just spent ages trying to find one that is very possible and now it won't cost me."

James claims that he wants a small Chevy 90 model, which was his only money-saving decision throughout the building, but they are not yet in order. In not paying Brody's defensive pricing, Land Rover's adjusted algorithm had clearly seen that it couldn't afford it. Very sensible.

The Protector of Luke Wilkinson

Base price: £ 43,370
Options £ 1,815
on track: £ 47,919

Our resident miller, staff writer Luke Wilkinson, is particularly unique in the rural area of ​​Cumbria. Most of the settlers are inhabited. As such, the old Defender 110 is a common sight on his way out – and he says most of them look like him. The blue color, a white wall, the size of the steel, and a cloth interior.

It's powered by an entry-level D200 2.0-liter diesel engine – and it's fully standard, with the exception of two accessories. First, you need to hitch a trailer full of herds to the trailer. Second, and most importantly, a wire mesh partition for the boot to keep your excitement off the border collie in the vicinity of the cabin.

Alastair Crooks & # 39; Defender

Base price: £ 49,880
Options £ 11,941
on track: £ 63,691

Content editor Alastair Crooks thinks the original Land Rover Deflector was an identity malfunction for the elimination of its 67-year-old production helicopter and the new one should be returned to the search vehicle.

"Defenders should not be used to crashing around the tinted parts of London, it should be for creating memories, pickups and records. Seeing a neat defender parking on a small street can only be a waste. So my dream boy is great. Is a custom-out to get deeper into challenging and defending the unknown. "

The defense of Peter Bowie

Base price: £ 49,880
Options £ 5605
on track: £ 57,355

Web producer Peter Bade has no plans to hit his roadblock, so he is for the design that makes things easier. He gives it some punch with a mid-range 110SD D4040 engine, while Santorini's black-and-white horsepower stays on the road. Some features are kept in check, but some living comfort, such as the Dow climate pack and climate control of the three zones have been added.

Defending Jonathan Burns

Base price: £ 50,755
Options £ 7,099
on track: £ 59,772

How should a retro look, from the inside and the modern, befitting of the retro look, surely? Newsletter Johnny Bryan has been eliminated from Penguin Green, which defends Constitution 1. The Surface 1 Defender is known as the 166, while the white size and compact retro finish complement the retro touch. The D200 2.0-liter diesel engine will be more than enough and keep the price at a relatively sensible level.

Defensive by Alex Ingram

Base price: £ 46,425
Options £ 17,058
on track: £ 65,353

Staff Writer Alex Inham's preference is from 110 to 110, but it's not yet available to order, he asks if you can & # 39; defend & # 39; Supposedly, Gonovanna has finished in the color of the stone and a black wall, only she looks at it. There is a lot of love for spinners in the middle of the automatic express team, but Alex doesn't think the still-finished one is a match for its color scheme, instead the 18-inch screen is banned on 5094 bicycles.

Inside is a khaki interior, a Meridian sound system (it's excellent in other GLR vehicles, so it'll be a perfect alternative) and digital & # 39; Safarone & # 39; The hair will look cool. While he does not have a dog, he is for a portable wash system. Just in case.

Jared Weaver's defense

Base price: £ 77,465
Options £ 21,431
on track: £ 100,231

From Essex, to content editor Jack Weaver's taste is often called into question and its defenders have nothing to do with the trend. With over 21,000,000 magnetic costs, his defender manages to break the £ 100,000 price tag, even if you don't mind seeing it. Instead of many guards on this list, Jake has a traditional & # 39; style & # 39; Than 22-inch black alloy bicycles as he knows it is unlikely that it will be a detour.

Does your Perfect Land Rover Defender look like? Let us know your thoughts below …

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