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Florida school vaccinated students should be provided for 30 days after each dose


A Miami-based private school is seeking vaccines against COVID-19 after 30 days of home stay for every home, and the school said it will not employ anyone who has been vaccinated.

WSVN reported that parents whose parents attend Centre’s Academy received a letter from the school urging them to stay until the summer if they intend to get their children’s vaccine against the virus.

The letter states that if parents still vaccinate their children, there will be a mandatory quarantine period.

“Because of the potential impact on other yen students and our school community, vaccinated students should be vaccinated for 30 days after vaccination for every dose and booster they may receive and return to school after 30 days until the student is healthy. General Chat Chat Lounge And free of symptoms, “the letter said, according to WSVN.

The apparent reason for the move is “there” when there is a potential transmission time or decrease on others yen.

However, the shedding of a vaccine can only occur when a vaccine is included in a weakened version of the live virus. None of the COVID-19 vaccines approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will do so — meaning that anyone who has received the COVID-19 vaccine will not pass the virus on to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (C) DC).

Dr. Evelyn Marty, an infectious disease specialist at Florida International University, told WSVN that policy is “fiction.”

“Happens 30 days after they received the vaccination? Y? What kind of nonsense is this?” Said Marty. “Where did they find it? There is nothing in the recommendations about it … they have it up. It’s a science fiction, not a science fiction because it is pure fiction.”

He added: “I find it terrifying that this misleading information comes out of an institution that is allegedly an educational institution.

Defending school policy, he wrote: “The Center Academy’s top priorities are the well-being of our students and their safety in our educational environment.

Sentinel Academy came to headlines this spring in the aftermath of its co-founder, Leila Sentner, who said the school would not employ anyone who receives the COVID-19 vaccine, and that what they do will be excluded from the students. General Chat Chat Lounge

In a letter sent in April, the Sentinel-based claims added that non-vaccinated women have experienced pregnancy and reproductive issues from standing near vaccinated people.

However, these claims are by no means scientific. Dr. Turan Shirazian, a NYU Langone gynecologist, told The Associated Press: “It’s a terribly misunderstanding because it opens up the crazy notion that you can stand up to people and get what they have. , Which we know is historically in public health. Caused a lot of damage. “

Newsweek The Center reached the Academy for comment Sunday morning but was not returned by publication. This story will be updated with any replies.

Center Academy
Seniors Academy, a Miami-based private school, said students who get vaccinated against COVID-19 will need to stay home for 30 days after each dose. Here is the photo from the school, Center Academy, on April 27, 2021.
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