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Many children are dependent on dental paste, CDC. The study is said


Juma's representative warns many parents of children who are alerted by a child suffering from illness in their childbirth.

According to the clinics for study, diagnosis and prevention, the recommendation of a dental professor has been used more than 3 to 6 years of children. For young children, with a number of flurry tooths, boring their darling causes to cause their death to cause the condition of the pharaoh Florist's dentist.

At the age of CIC, you should not consider children's parents against your patrol on your big turret. And recommendation of American Association.

In this age range, about 1700 children's CDC survey showed that 38 percent of them have been used more than the recommended amount of teeth, which is more likely to provide fluoride-free daily recommendation. Top-dot association has said on top of its highlights of fluidide in drinking water can also help in dental fluorescence.

According to instructions, less than 3 children should be used less than one. For these children, parents should only have a small summarized fluoride toothpaste. Young children are more sensitive than fluorescence and can be able to drain the toothbrush in the flood, so it is more likely that CDC. Said.

Florosus only affects children because it will hurt when the dwarf is developing under the gym. The American Association of Associations said that it can not affect the health of the past, but it may be a refined or linear affair.

The study results were a "red flag", which did not fully understand the instructions of a Association of Monsoon in Monsoon, and a psychologist, Dr. Johnny Shinikin, the directories of the DothPopal applications.

One problem, Dr. Shexin said, the parent should use how many teeth get controversial advice about how many children use the fluoride toothpaste.

He said that messages received from parents, children children and the internet get mixed messages.

For children under 2, CDC. The genre associated with two dangers of guidance.

In 2014, Dental Association had changed their parents and recommended parents Soon these days, they bring their baby's eyes to life from the little kidneys. The American Academy of Democrats has been given the same advice. However, CDC. It is recommended that parents should wait for children to study fluoride tooths until they turn 2.

Dr. Illin María de Diego, a child's pediatrician in Porsche, children's hospital, said that after the guidance of Bresh, after their guidance they are usually not parents with parents.

"It's really true that parents are following brushing rules twice a day, but they will not always be." Dr. D. Alisio said.

He was offered to allow children to leave their children alone, when they touched their eyes.

CDC analysis, which ranges between 3 to 15 children aged between 5 and 15, has also found 80 percent of the children who were included in the study after brush started. The analysis was based on data from 2013 to 2016.

According to the proposed volumes, parents should start the brushes of their children, the first tooth ends, which can begin at six months. But only 20 percent of the parents or beergers say that their children start brushing before 1 year.

The CDCs were offered cephony to get some results: Parents were automatically monitoring brush brush after leaving automatic reporting information, for more error than the leave room. Additionally, the participants were not asked whether to have a tooth paste fluoride. (American certification only certifies toothpaste with fluoride.)

Dr. Shakespeare says that the parent should be kept away from the fact that the use of these fluoride tobacco should be stopped. Instead, he advised, "Use it, but use it in the right amount, because your child does not swallow you very much."

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